How can you tell if someone is "illegal?"

In just two days Arizona's new immigration law SB1070 will take effect unless it is stopped in federal court. I'm highlighting two satirical videos today on my blog that ultimately highlight the seriousness of this issue and that this law will legalize racial profiling.

The first video was taken at the Netroots Nation conference in Las Vegas on Friday. Immigration activists asked white attendees for their IDs before entering a conference luncheon. It was a clever action and most of the attendees understood they were making a point about racial profiling. It may have made a few of them uncomfortable but imagine how Hispanics feel in Arizona.

The following video was created by the people at Sum of Change.

The other video from America's Voice has been floating around cyberspace for a while. I think it clearly points out how impossible it is to know what makes a person reasonably suspicious of being undocumented. Could it be his or her shoes?

That seems ridiculous, but that is what GOP Rep. Brian Bilbray of California claimed. Seriously!?! Check out this video.

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