Obama asks Congress to work with him on immigration reform

President Obama came out with a stronger statement in favor of immigration reform.


He spoke at a Cinco de Mayo event at the White House Wednesday clarifying statements last week that looked like he was cooling on immigration reform.

"I was pleased to see a strong proposal for comprehensive reform presented in the Senate last week, and I was pleased it was based on a bipartisan framework," Obama said according to CNN. "I want to begin work this year. And I want Democrats and Republicans to work with me."

But let's read between the lines.

He said he wants to "begin work this year." That doesn't mean it will be completed this year.

Any plan that looks to beef up border enforcement and create a pathway to legalization for the undocumented is going to be difficult to pass.

Obama is already facing increased criticism from immigrant rights activists and many in the Latino community for not pushing this to the top of his agenda sooner. He had promised to do so in his first year in office.

Obama again criticized the new Arizona immigration law.

The law would turn legal immigrants and U.S. citizens into "subjects of suspicion and abuse," he said.

"You can't start singling out people because of who they look like or how they talk or how they dress," he said according to The Hill.

One thing is certain. The new immigration law in Arizona has brought this issue to a national level. Expect more lawsuits, boycotts and protests.

And expect immigration to remain in the spotlight.


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  • Obama is a complete idiot and every single day he shows more and more just how unqualified he is to be the President of these United States of America. The man goes about bashing the Arizona law and anyone that listens to him knows he hadn't read the law, that just goes to show his ignorance of the subject. For being the President for all the people of this country he sure as hell has an ability to divide the populace with just about everything he says. Never before in my life have I seen a politician have such disdain for this country as does Barack Hussein Obama. How you damn fools that voted this political crook from Chicago into the most powerful job in the world is without a doubt beyond me!!! This man's change folks is to destroy our country as we once knew it to be. His reckless spending is absolutely criminal and the speed for which he is expanding the federal Government is down right scary. 2012 CAN'T GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!!!

  • This is so wrong of Obama...past election he asked for the latino vote because the immigration reform was going to be his priority, but it juz ended up something that he would work on THIS YEAR!!!...WHY!!!???..It is not fair...we had a bargain..and now with the protests in Arizona...we are tryin to keep our families together..not be seperated...and the other thing that offends me since the law of Arizona against illegal immigrants is that we are not considered to be classified as the "brown people" now there are the whites, blacks, and browns..!!!!...this has gone to far...WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT...OR OBAMA NEEDS TO GET HIS HEAD STRAIGHT AND DO HIS JOB..WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER GEORGE W. BUSH!!!...

  • ***We are now classified as the BROWN PEOPLE!!

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