Elian Gonzalez 10 years later

Remember Elian Gonzalez?

He was the little 6-year-old boy who became the focus on an
international drama between the United States in Cuba in 2000.

mother died when she fled Cuba with Elian on a boat. Little Elian
survived the journey. Then he was taken in by relatives in Miami who
wanted to raise him.

But his father in Cuba wanted him back. His
relatives refused to turn him over fearing the child would suffer
growing up in communist Cuba.

But the father's rights prevailed.
In a raid that proved a public relations disaster for the Clinton
Administration, Elian was removed from his relatives' home and returned
to Cuba.


Elian Gonzalez now 16.

Well this week the Cuban government released photos of the now 16-year-old Elian. They ran the headline "Young Elian Gonzalez defends his revolution in the youth congress."

He's wearing a military uniform in the photo taken at a convention of young communists. I'm sure this has angered some in the Cuban-American community in the United States who see this as proof Elian became a pawn in Castro's Cuba.

Clearly the Cuban government is driving home a point that Elian embraced the revolution 10 years after the incident in the United States.

Imagine if he had stayed in Miami. Instead of a military uniform, he could be wearing a T-shirt, khaki pants and playing with the latest gadgets like the iPad.

Would Elian have been better off in the United States?

I think so. At least here he would have had more choices.


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  • The Clinton administration was only enforcing a policy that was formed from years of negotiation in Congress and with Cuba.

    Plus, the coast guard should have never brought Elian to the US under the guidelines of wet foot, dry foot.

    I'm not saying Elian is better off in Cuba, but to say he wouldn't be a propaganda tool here is a lie. People would be holding him up as model of America. Is it right to use propaganda in any situation? You can't have it both ways.


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