Arizona esta loco. Expect major immigration protest in Chicago on May Day.

Have they gone completely loco in Arizona?


Activists gathered for Monday night vigil outside immigration detention center in Broadview.

The Arizona Department of Education is going after teachers who speak with a heavy accent, according to a story by Miriam Jordan in The Wall Street Journal.

And lawmakers also passed a bill targeting ethnic studies programs in public schools, according to The Colorado Independent.

What are they going to do next prevent schools from teaching about Cesar Chavez, the founder of the United Farm Workers of America?

It's bad enough they passed an immigration law that will result in racial profiling.

All of this is only galvanizing protesters and garnering media attention as mayors from New York to San Francisco and celebrities like Shakira and George Lopez speak out against the Arizona law.

Thousands of people are expected to march in Chicago and across the nation Saturday, also May Day, against Arizona's new immigration law and in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

This week President Obama indicated it would be too hard to pass immigration reform soon, according to a story by Suzanne Gamboa of the Associated Press.

"I don't want us to do something just for the sake of politics that doesn't solve the problem," Obama told reporters Wednesday night aboard Air Force One.

Well that message isn't going to sit well with immigrant rights supporters across the country.

We already saw a group of people arrested Tuesday outside an immigration detention center in the Chicago suburbs.

And on May Day we could see more.

Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez is expected to protest outside the White House Saturday and may get himself arrested, according to Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times.

A group of young Chicago activists also is traveling Saturday to Michigan, because President Obama is going to speak in Ann Arbor.

Protests and civil disobedience were cornerstones of the civil rights campaigns of the past. And I believe we are seeing an emerging Latino civil rights movement that will use those tactics.

The Arizona law has fired it up.

Some people who have commented on this blog still don't get that this Arizona law isn't simply about police being able to arrest undocumented immigrants. The law allows police check a person's immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion."

So speaking Spanish, having an accent or brown skin could make anybody suspicious. That includes people who are U.S. citizens.

I will end with some words by one of my favorite performers Lila Downs, whose father was American and mother Mexican from Oaxaca. She also is playing in Chicago tonight at the House of Blues.

It's her version of the Woodie Guthrie song "Pastures of Plenty" off her 2001 album Border. The slideshow is by a fan of Downs.

"When did you come to America?" she asks reminding me that all of us, except the Native Americans, came from somewhere else.


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  • You are so terribly right. Let's just show our moral high ground by importing all of Arizona's 1.3 million illegal aliens to "Sanctuary City," Chicago. Sheriff Tom Dart will be happy to accommodate all of Arizona's 12,000 illegal alien inmates in the Cook County jail.

    The Stroger (Cook County Hospital) will be more than able to take care of all of the Arizona illegal aliens' medical needs (we have plenty of money for that here -- right?) And the Chicago Public Schools will be more than happy to accommodate all of these illegal alien children (the CPS has plenty of cash right?)

    So let's just take them all into "Sanctuary City" Chicago and Cook County.

    We are morally superior to them, Right? And we have the cash to pay for it, right?

    Hey -- the more the merrier.

    Let's bring all of Arizona's illegal aliens to Chicago, Cook County!!

    Why Not!!

  • In reply to chicagolampoon:

    My grandson had to go on a waiting list because there was no room for him a 7th generation citizen. The classes are overrun by the kids of illegals who have babies here and demand that we educate them. My gr-daug in Kindergarten came home with a phrase spoken to me in spanish which really incensed me. She needs to know english before anything. But this is what our tax dollars are paying for. Our children are being misdirected in the classroom. I'm not bigoted. It just makes me sick that I am disliked because of my skin by every race in this country and even disliked by an illegal alien who should not even be here.

  • Send the illegals back. It's not fair. My son and nephew were fired from their jobs in catering to make room for a few hispanics. They didn't even speak english. Now these boys are around begging for something to do. My mother was fired for a mexican woman who wanted her job and my mom had been there 8 years. The woman took the job and then quit because she could not handle it. It has to stop. Illegals are not just hispanic, but there are millions more than any other group. Why do they think we owe them?

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