¡Que viva la mujer!


Laura Chinchilla

Costa Rica just elected a woman president on Sunday. Laura Chinchilla is that nation's first female president.

She had 47 percent of the vote almost double that of each of her two leading male rivals.

"I want to thank the pioneering women who years ago opened the doors of politics in Costa Rica," Laura Chinchilla told supporters Sunday, according to the Earth Times. "My government will be open to all Costa Ricans of good faith."

The 50-year-old is a political scientist, mother of one child and she also has served as her country's vice president since 2006.

Chinchilla is now one of three women currently elected as heads of Latin American nations.

The other two are Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina and Michelle Bachelet of Chile.

And next year there are two female candidates who are expected to run for president in Brazil, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

I guess machismo is not as rampant as one might expect in Latin America. It's encouraging to see women there elected to and running for office.

Hopefully one day we'll see a woman elected president in the United States.

¡Que viva la mujer!

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  • I am very proud to see that we are making progress in Latin American countries that have historically been predominantly governed by men.

    Thank you for this post!

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