Traffic jam in Lima worse than Chicago

One thing I will not miss about Lima, Peru, is the traffic.

I've been here 10 days now and it's some of the worst traffic I've seen anywhere in my travels.

It's not just traffic jams which you can see in my video below.

A ride to the downtown from the Miraflores neighborhood - a distance of about 13 miles - can take more than an hour during rush hour.


By what's more dangerous than driving is actually walking.

Upon arrival several people warned us (I'm here with a group of Columbia College Chicago students for a travel writing course) that we should be very careful when crossing the street.

"A car hit a guy here the other week," said a woman we met while walking towards the beach in Miraflores.

We were warned to look both ways before crossing and to cross with care.

You see cars don't stop for pedestrians not even in a crosswalk.

You can be halfway through an intersection and they still keep driving.

That means you have to run.

The only safe way to cross is at a stop light where they do have timed red and green lights for pedestrians. They give you a signal and count down the seconds you have left to cross.

Thank goodness for those lights.

We only have four more days left of the trip and I don't really want to go home. Next we go to Cusco and then to Machu Picchu.

But at least I know that in Chicago I can count on more drivers to slow down. Most of the time at least.

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