Take a look at this erotic art from Lima, Peru

Warning: This following post is R-rated for graphic content.

Seriously, though.

It's about the Erotic Gallery I visited at the Museo Larco, a museum founded by anthropologist Rafael Larco Hoyle, in Lima, Peru. I've been traveling in South America the last two weeks and will be here another week.

I can say I've never seen anything like this Erotic Gallery.

It features two rooms of pre-Columbian art that explicitly shows the sexual life of the indigenous cultures that were in Peru.

It's so graphic that they don't allow in visitors under the age of 18. At least that's what a Peruvian friend told me.

But when you look up close it's actually quite interesting to see these depictions. I won't describe the positions of the people depicted in the pottery but you can see them in my slideshow below.
Sex is a part of life (let's not be shy to admit that). These cultures
depicted other major life events such as birth and death and they also
told the story of sex. It's nothing to be ashamed about. Although a few of these pottery pieces made me blush.

It's actually an amazing museum that also has other archaeological
artifacts and explains the history of the pre-Columbian cultures in

It made me look at human nature in a whole new way.


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  • The first couple show that they must have had big ones, or wished they did.

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