County Commissioners pressure Obama and Congress to pass immigration reform

Will President Obama even mention immigration reform in his speech tonight before Congress and the nation?

Members of the Cook County Board of Commissioners are trying to apply some pressure.

On Tuesday, the Cook County Board approved a resolution urging Congress to support immigration reform.  It passed 13 to 3.

But I wouldn't expect much from the president.

Obama will instead spend tonight talking about strengthening the economy and the need for health care reform.

These are important issues. But now health care reform and anything else the Democrats want to pass has been virtually doomed by the election of Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate. I'm so angry at the people of Massachusetts. Most of them have health care anyway. They've screwed that up and a lot more up for the rest of the country.

But I digress.  

Back to immigration. If there isn't the
political will to pass health care reform, I see it as very difficult
for President Obama to muster support for immigration reform.

But he shouldn't turn away from it as legalizing immigrants can actually help strengthen the economy by bringing more people in to the tax base. Plus we can't continue to have two classes of workers in this country.

Immigration reform is an issue of national and local importance. Local advocates and politicians want to remind Washington, D.C. that it matters to us here.

Now the county commissioners made a symbolic vote, as they have no authority over immigration law. But clearly they are trying to pressure members of the Illinois Congressional delegation.

I'm not sure how much political influence our county leaders have over their friends in Congress.

I give them credit for trying.


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  • "legalizing immigrants can actually help strengthen the economy by bringing more people in to the tax base."

    Really? So you are saying that while millions of legal American citizens are out of work we should make legal people who should not even be here?

  • A recent poll stated that if "immigration reform" was passed it would encourage more illegal immigrants to come to the USA. We have been down this road before as in 1986 we had 2 million illegal aliens. The American people were told by the government that they would secure the border, and enforce immigration laws after that amnesty of 2 million.

    A zogby poll dated Oct 2009 says 56% of Mexicans say immigration reform would encourge MORE illegal aliens to enter the USA. Another important part of this study is that 70% of Mexicans suveyed say loyalty of those illegal aliens from Mexico in the USA should be to Mexico--not the USA.

    Wow! Sounds to me like people we should be adding to the USA (those that break in and then hold loyalty to another country they fled).

    You also fail to see that the costs of illegal immigration such as education, medical care, prisons (for those who do other crimes), are out of this world on costs to the American taxpayer. The bottom line is you do not reward those that violated the USA and show disrespect for its laws and borders.

  • In reply to firefighter1981:

    Hey, i agree with you and i don't understand why so many people are ignorant and selfish, if the country needs to improve, then we should start with illegal people then they can pay the taxes and live a better life, they deserve that, they work hard, they didn't come to this Country to take the jobs from the americans, they came because most of them were poor and they have family to take care. My Mother came to America when i was only 9 years old, my Father din't care about me, if she hasn't decide for me i would be living under the bridges as many live.
    It's not fair, we need to change this, i know that there are many bad immigrants who should be kick from here immediately, those people dno't deserve to be legalize, i honestly think that Pres. Obama should help this people, the good people and send those bad ones back to their Countries.

  • In reply to firefighter1981:

    Guys just think about it,this country is made of immigrants, what will you do with them if we send them away? immigrants are the ones who do the heaviest work,plus we're all immigrants, think about your ancestors, are all of them born in the United States? Are you sure? if the answer is yes, then maybe you're not, but how about the other millions? are all of their ancestors born in the U.S.A?

  • so what should we do with all these illegal immigrants?
    how ignorant we, Americans, are. Recently we rejoiced over the release of our own journalists from North Korea. They had entered that country illegally. We sought clemency so they did not have to serve the twelve-year sentence.

    Several years ago a US marine committed a crime in Mombasa, Kenya (murder) again we cried for mercy for him. Yet here we are: the one people in the world who should be the most compassionate; we sue our political muscle to get from other nations what we are not even willing to give to others. We have so many immigrants who entered illegally, many who just want to leave and go home yet we hold them for years.

    We should not expect what we are not willing to give to others. Yes, there are laws. Let's abide by them but in the meantime what do you do with people who have been in the country for thirty years? Twenty years? Who have US-born children? Who have paid taxes for years and the reason they are out of status is our immigration system?

    Politics or otherwise, I say this in all sincerity, my God will resolve this if we do not do it according to His will.

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