The Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires is a place of contrasts

I visited the Recoleta Cemetery to see Eva Peron's grave. She is buried in a family plot marked by a simple plaque. (You can read more about Evita in another blog post I wrote.)

But her grave marker in a black granite vault marked Duarte for her family actually was the least interesting of the sites in this famous cemetery where many of the Buenos Aires elite are buried. From a historical perspective the Recoleta Cemetery sort of like Graceland Cemetery in Chicago where famous architects, merchants and public figures are buried.

The Recoleta Cemetery was consecrated as the first public burial ground in Buenos Aires in 1882. There are 4,800 tombs with the most famous from the city's past. They include former presidents, sports stars and military leaders.

This place has the feeling of a cemetery in New Orleans. The design of the mausoleums from art nouveau to neo-Gothic is fascinating. There are statues of Jesus, angels, cherubs and even one of a woman breast feeding.

What is so amazing is how the cemetery sits in the middle of an urban neighborhood. It  makes for incredible contrasts with tombs and apartment buildings in the background. You can see more in a slideshow of my photos.

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