President Obama more popular with Latinos than whites

A recent poll administered by Latino Decisions found President Obama has a 74 percent approval rating among Latino voters.


This is startling especially when you consider a recent Gallup poll found the president only has a 39 percent approval rating among whites.

Also the new Latino Decisions poll found that Latino voters rank health care reform as more important to them than immigration reform.

I was surprised to learn that so many Latinos still support our president compared to the general population.

Maybe it can be summed up in a popular phrase, "Esperanza muere al ultimo,"  or "Hope dies last," (also the name of a Studs Terkel book.)

Personally, I want our president to be able to push through health care reform and  immigration reform.

I think that a lot of Latinos are losing patience but they haven't completely given up hope as reflected in the poll results.

This new poll, which was commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico, and impreMedia surveyed 1,000 Latino voters. It found that the most important issue they wanted Congress and the president to address was health care. Of those polled, 32 percent said that was the number one issue. It was followed by fixing the economy at 22 percent and immigration reform at 17 percent.

When asked to pick which issue was more important immigration or health care reform, 67 percent picked health care reform and 20 percent immigration reform, 10 percent said they carried the same weight and 3 percent said they didn't know or cared about another issue more.

This not  surprising since those polled are U.S. citizens. However, many Latino citizens have relatives and friends who are undocumented and show great sympathy for them.

When asked about immigration reform alone, 62 percent said the passage of an immigration reform bill before the 2010 congressional election was important or extremely important.
The poll also found most Latino voters  support health care for  undocumented immigrants. Of those polled 67 percent said anybody living in the United States should be eligible for health care and it shouldn't be restricted to American citizens and legal residents. However, 25 percent of Latino voters said it should be restricted to citizens and legal residents.

President Obama has said that undocumented immigrants won't benefit from health care reform. The Senate bill would restrict undocumented immigrants from purchasing a plan in the insurance pools with their own money and also prohibit  legal immigrants from receiving federal health care subsidies for five years, according to Americas Society.

By supporting these provisions the Obama administration is going too far to please the Republicans and the president risks alienating Latino voters.

Latino voters could lose their enthusiasm for President Obama if health care fails, or if he delays further in pushing for immigration reform.

For now the poll shows Latino voters are showing paciencia (patience) and giving the president a chance.

We'll see how long that lasts.


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  • Laws to do with apprehension of illegal immigrants have always been compromised? Anything that really works is immediately attacked by the open border organization, in a silent conspiracy with both political parties. We the American people--the taxpayer have to always ultimately grin and bare it? We just pay out the money in copious taxes to the federal agency that delivers welfare benefits, to those who slip past the border guards.

    Our prisons are full, jails-- in 6-figure numbers of illegal people, along with a growing trend passed on to every foreign pregnant woman, that if they can bypass the sentinels along the border their babies are instant citizens. By delivering a baby here they can instantly if indirectly get food stamps, low income housing and many more birthright citizenship entitlements. This of course is a rampantly out-of-control recital that happens over and over again in the Sanctuary State of California. For a nation that has stepped on the moon, found the HMS Titanic in a huge expense of water, but--they are unable to deport the millions of people, who illegally settled here? That any tourist can enter America and overstay their visa by bluffing the ICE agent? That we trust these parties to leave of their own accord when their visa time expires, even though that there is nothing to verify their departure? It really sad that Americans swallow the garbage we are fed from Washington. Now they--REALLY--expect us to believe of enacting a Comprehensive Immigration Reform that is reportedly said to be good for the economy?

    There are so many men and women jobless, with many living without hope. Penniless and so desperate they are going to food pantries and waiting for their unemployment benefits to run out. This is insane, absolutely outrageous and everyday more and more American Workers are losing their jobs to illegal laborers who take fewer wage. Trying to pass any kind of immigration reform stands on the very edge of madness? In the depth of a major recession they have the audacity to enact another BLANKET AMNESTY, and then we should call our reluctant Senators and Representatives to vote for The SAVE Act (H.R.3308) This is a composite of all intelligent immigration enforcement that propels Americans citizens and legalized newcomers first and always to vacated jobs? It contains E-Verify as a permanent addition of which The SAVE Act has received its 100th cosponsor, that being Rep. Michael Turner (R-Ohio) who added his name to the long list.

    The SAVE Act (H.R.3308) would use currently available tools and resources to increase interior enforcement of federal immigration laws. The SAVE ACT would make E-Verify mandatory for all employers, increase monitoring of compliance of the E-Verify screening, require notification of identity theft; and the requirement of information sharing between the Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service. Also increasing interior enforcement, the SAVE Act would, add more ICE agents and increase funding to state, county and local law enforcement and expedite the deportation procedure by increasing detention capacity and the number of immigration judges. In addition Homeland Security has announced that it will be adding a new verification feature to the E-Verify Photo Tool this month to address employee privacy concerns?

    Currently an employee

  • Laws to do with apprehension of illegal immigrants have always been compromised?(Brittanicus). Lets start with Illegal Immigrant shall we. This the reason why America is so racist. Latinos vote more for Obama then white people? This American Society is starting to PISS ME OFF!! In addition, did you know that Americans that come from Latin or Hispanic backgrounds can be citizens too. Furthermore, if you really think about it the majority of the people that are imprisoned are AMERICANS!!! I understand that maybe the government should regulate the laws on illegal immigrants because its not fair for the North Americans Citizen population, but do not try to cover up what you are trying to say. You sound very racist and maybe you have a reason to be, but if you don't like it maybe you should runaway to a suburb or a place where its "safe" instead of understanding why they are immigrating to the U.S. Face it, it happens all over the world. Maybe we should eliminate every single illegal immigrant or vanish them into the threshold of nowhere. All I am saying is that getting angry is not going to take you anywhere especially with your attitude. Peace,love, and accept people even if they are illegal.

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