"Illegal alien" Christmas song? Bah humbug!

Now if you thought the "illegal alien" Halloween costume was offensive
(as I did) here is something that will make you toss your Christmas

The conservative Web site Human Events has posted an
"Illegal Alien Christmas song." They describe their site as
"Headquarters of the Conservative Underground," but I'd say that any
place to post this type of song would be better described as the
"Conservative Gutter."

Here are some of the horrible lyrics set to the tune of "Feliz Navidad."

Ilegals in my yard, illegals in my yard, illegals in my yard, throw them some pesos and they work so hard.

Ilegals in my yard, illegals in my yard, illegals in my yard, I don't even ask if they got a Green Card.

They're gonna pave up my driveway this Christmas,

They're gonna clean all my cars this Christmas,

They're gonna shovel all the snow this Christmas,

Those illegals in my yard.

They're gonna dig me a pool this Christmas,

They're gonna landscape my lawn this Christmas,

They're gonna cook me some tacos this Christmas.

Illegals in my yard, 16 arrive in a stolen car.

you can link to the full audio here if you can stomach this garbage.
But I can tell you later verses are  more offensive with claims
"illegals" will spread bubonic plague, bed bugs and tuberculosis this

The term itself "illegal alien" is offensive and dehumanizing. But this song pushes the limits of human decency.

The song was posted by Matt Fox and AJ Rice listed as writers producers for TALK RADIO NETWORK.

could write them off as two wackos but the following conservatives are
among many listed as contributors on the Web site (Ann Coulter,  Michelle
Malkin, Linda Chavez and Sen. Orrin Hatch), and they should be ashamed
to be associated with a Web site that would publish such nonsense.

don't know who Fox and Rice are or if they will admit this this is blatant racism and not humor or satire. All I can
say is they should get coal in their stockings this Christmas.

Bah humbug!

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