Shakira sells out

Why do some pop stars think they have to act and dress like strippers to sell music?


Shakira's Album Artwork - Portadas Discos

I'm talking about Colombian singer Shakira and her music video called "She Wolf" off her new album.

I recently saw it on a video screen at a bar. And it really ticked me off.

In part of the video, she's dressed in a flesh-colored leotard and she's spreading her legs around some poles in a cage.

Plus she does some bizarre hand moves as she bends over backwards. Check it out at 1:12 minutes on the video.

Also have you heard her moaning?  Or maybe that's howling in the video.

Come on. That's not sexy. That's sexploitation.

And the naturally brown-eyed singer looks like she is wearing green-colored contacts in the video.

It already annoyed me that when she became a crossover artist she dyed her raven-colored locks blonde.

But wearing green contacts is going too far.

Why does Shakira think she has to make herself look whiter to sell records?

She doesn't need to emulate Britney Spears or Madonna. Shakira had her own unique style and beauty but by the looks of her latest album she's lost all of that.

I used to think Shakira was beautiful and still love her Spanish-language album ¿Dónde Están Los Ladrones?" (1998)

The song "Si Te Vas," or "If you go," is a total badass feminist anthem.

Since her crossover into English in 2001 with the "Laundry Service" album, she has totally lost her edge and her essence. She's no longer that cool rock 'n' roll woman.

It's not so unusual that pop stars sell out to gain more fame and money.

But I really miss the old Shakira.


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  • Is she really any different from Madonna or Janet Jackson? Shakira is to Latin music what Taco Bell is to Mexican food. The basic flavor is corporate; they just change the color of the wrapper slightly.

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  • You kind of forget that shakira was once a rock n

  • I finally saw this video after unsuccessfully trying to ignore the whole Shakira-selling-out situation. Not only do I miss the old Shakira, but I resent the fact that people who didn't care about her when she was making smart, unique music are now all about "She Wolf." Even my boyfriend made a comment about it "actually being kind of good," as if this is all it takes for a female artist to be up to par. The video is so tasteless and nothing about its narrative or the song lyrics are reason enough, in my opinion, for the racy skin-colored "outfit" and stripper-like "dance moves." A friend of my boyfriend's commented to him, "but you gotta check out the dance moves." Now that I finally saw the video, I realize that he was not referring to dance moves at all. This video is one step away from being a porno. And I am so sadenned, regardless of Shakira's past musical efforts or her charity work, to see another Latina popularized in this diminuitive and oversexed role.

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