ESPN broadcaster suspended for making "taco" remark. Can you pass the "taco" challenge?

What do Colombia, as in the country, and tacos have in common?


But ESPN broadcaster Bob Griese clearly doesn't get that.


This weekend he called out NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who is from Colombia, for not being in the top five drivers in a weekend race.

He's "out having a taco," Griese, a former Miami Dolphins quarterback, said during a Saturday race.

Guess what Bob? They don't eat tacos in Colombia.

Now Griese quickly apologized for his comment when it was pointed out to him that it was culturally insensitive.

ESPN released the statement:  "ESPN has spoken to Bob and he understands that his comment was uncalled for."

ESPN also suspended him for a week, according to an Associated Press story. Maybe he can spend that time reading up on Colombian food.

But it doesn't excuse his comment. ESPN should also require him to get some sensitivity training.

You can't lump all Latinos together and generalize about us.  We're not all taco eating, Spanish-speaking, salsa-dancing immigrants.
A friend of mine from Peru, which borders Colombia, didn't even know what a taco was until he came to the United States.

For the record, in Colombia one of the popular foods is an arepa, a sort of cornmeal pancake.

I'm sure you know tacos are Mexican food.

Today they are almost as popular as hamburgers.


Photo of empanadas by Elio Leturia

Tostones, empanadas, maduros, pasteles, dulces alfajores, horchata,
arroz con gandules, ropa vieja, and turrón. These are some of the
typical foods or drinks from different Latin American countries.

I challenge you the reader to identify in which countries they are commonly eaten. I'm going to call this the "taco" challenge in honor of Griese.

I'll highlight the winner on my blog. ¡Suerte y buen provecho!


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  • Hopefully, they will also have Bob check on some of his pronunciations too. When he does college football on TV, and cheesehead university is playing, he alwas says "Wesconsin"!

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