These Colombians Rock

Try pronouncing that one.  AH-TEAR-SI-OH-PELL-AH-DOS.


It's the name of a Colombian rock band that will be in Chicago Saturday night.

They are one of the headliners at the ¡Viva! Chicago Latin Music Festival  in Grant Park this weekend.
This rock duo of Andrea Echeverri  and Hector Buitrago
has recorded eight albums since they formed in the early 1990s.

What's so cool about this band is that they are activists. They have spoken out against the violence in Colombia, in defense of water rights and the indigenous people of Colombia, among other issues.
"If we are invited to a worthy cause, we are there. Only by respecting Mother Earth and the rights of everyone can the world truly live in harmony," Echeverri has said.

They even partnered with Amnesty International  on a song called "The Price of Silence" in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Amnesty International is a sponsor of their concert in Chicago and of
the ¡Viva! Chicago Latin Music Festival, which will feature a variety
of bands from salsa to samba on Saturday and Sunday.
Aterciopelados' latest CD called Rio inspired by the Bogota River was released last fall. Their music needs no translation.

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