OAS pressures for Zelaya to return to Honduras

The interim leaders of Honduras were given an ultimatum. Restore President Manuel Zelaya within three days or be removed from the Organization of American States.

This is just the kind of diplomatic pressure needed to have the democratically- elected president restored.

Now some of you disagreed with my first blog post on Honduras. One post from Excanbrit stated, "I now call Honduras home (retired here) and the coup seems to be justified....He has illegally used funds from government pension plans to advertize his intentions to the uneducated masses. He has passed (thankfully reversed by senate) laws without debate (usually over long weekends when no parliamentarians are sitting!)"

I understand that not all agree with his policies and there is fear he is going to be another Hugo Chavez. But it looks like they have a democracy if their Senate can reverse policies he implemented. Even in this country we've had presidents who abuse their executive power. Think George Bush.
The main point is that Zelaya was democratically elected. And if the
people there don't like their leader then they can vote him out when
his term ends in 2010.

In addition to the pressure from the OAS and the Obama Administration,
the United Nations General Assembly voted by acclamation Tuesday to
demand Zelaya's immediate restoration.

Zelaya has vowed to return to Honduras. The authorities there have threatened to have him arrested if he does.

Some Zelaya protesters also have clashed with police. Perhaps they were inspired by the protests in Iran.

This sounds like it could be a storyline from a Gabriel Garcia Marquez
novel. But this is no fiction and we will wait and see what comes next.

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