How many times can Sotomayor explain the "wise Latina" comment?

¡Ya basta!

That means enough already.

How many more times can the Republicans ask Sonia Sotomayor about the "wise Latina" comment?

First up Wednesday was Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas. He basically asked her if she stood by her words.

Sotomayor explained that she was trying to play on a comparison made by the late Justice Sandra Day O'Connor that a wise woman would reach the same conclusion as a wise man.

"My words failed. They didn't work," Sotomayor said.

OK. She admits she could have used better words.

"I understand some people have understood (my words) in a way that I never intended," she said.

How many times and ways can she explain that? Frankly, I don't think she should have to apologize for what she said either.

Sometimes having a unique personal experience, background or a different point of view can help you make a better decision than someone else. That's the value of diversity.

Either way it's not a disqualifier to a seat on the Supreme Court. It doesn't overshadow her judicial record and her clear qualifications to become a member of the Supreme Court.
The gross allegations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas didn't derail him from ascending to the Supreme Court.

Come on now guys. It's time to let go of the "wise Latina" comment.

This is the third day of the hearings and it is starting to get repetitive. I'm yawning listening to these senators.

Let's move on to asking her in more specific detail about pressing issues like abortion. I haven't heard enough about that.

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