Does Obama have a Mexican twin?

I guess this is someone in Mexico's way of sharing in the pride of our new president. I couldn't find out what this guy's name is but he sure looks like he could be related to President Obama.

I found one post on Tecnoculto, a blog in Spanish, that said he's from the Yucatan state and from a town called Popolná.

But then on another blog comment string in Spanish on AChingao!!! they said he's really from India and another comment said he's a photographer from Indonesia. 

These photos have been floating around cyberspace for a while. My sister in Miami sent them to me this week.

Who knows who this guy is? But the pics are so cute I had to do a post about it. Plus I normally have such serious posts I thought the blog could use some humor.

What do you think? Do they look like gemelos, that's twins in Spanish, or maybe they're hermanos?

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  • This story was originally publshed in Yucatan newspaper, Diario de Yucat

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