Stop the hate

A story emerged out of Los Angeles that is profoundly disturbing.

Authorities arrested more than 60 Latino gang members in the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang, also nicknamed the "Hate Gang," in a massive sweep Thursday.  

The indictment against 147 gang members alleges "VHG gang members have expressed a desire to rid the city of Hawaiian Gardens of all African-Americans and have engaged in a systematic effort to achieve that result by perpetrating crimes against African-Americans." The charges against the gang members include murder, kidnapping, racketeering and trafficking narcotics.

Usually gang members target their own kind and as a society we don't pay much attention to this form of genocide. Often it's glorified in movies about the Italian mob, black gangs in South Central Los Angeles or Latino gangs in prison.

But now that Latino gangs are targeting blacks it calls more attention to gang violence.

What's so troubling is that these Latino gangs are repeating the kind of hateful acts we'd expect from the Ku Klux Klan.
What happened to our civil rights movement? Today we see one minority or ethnic group attacking another.

has happened throughout world history. But we also must remember we
have a shared history of discrimination, including lynchings and

Around 600 Mexicans were lynched in Texas, California and throughout the Southwest from 1848 through the 1920s, according to a book by William D. Carrigan and Clive Webb. Around 3,500 African-Americans were lynched between 1882 and 1951, according to Tuskegee Institute figures.

Jim Crow law
segregated the schools, public transportation and other public places.
Those laws also impacted many Mexican-Americans. My father tells me of
restaurants he couldn't eat at in Texas. They had signs that read, "No
Dogs or Mexicans allowed." My mother was forbidden from speaking
Spanish at her elementary school, and was once locked in closet for
doing so.

Knowing this history, I don't understand how
Mexican-American gang members in Los Angeles today could carry so much
hate in their hearts.


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  • teresa,

    Attacks by Latino gangs on African Americans? I don't know the full extent of the story, but if it's happening on a large scale, and not just in isolated instances, it is indeed sad. No, it isn't sad, it is tragic. Now is it justified? I don't think so. However, Brown on Black crime I think, is relatively a minor occurrence. Whereas Black on Brown crime is much more commonplace. In the neighborhood where I work, Chicago Lawn, it is a common occurrence. Muggings of Latinos by African Americans occurs often, but it is rather rarely reported to the police and hardly a concern to many of the members of social service organizations.
    This issue is hardly on anybody's radar, except if you've been a victim, in which case you try to move out of the neighborhood or avoid contact with Blacks. To those of us who are interested in not just racial tolerance, but racial harmony, these incidents undermine any ongoing efforts. The
    apathy of the majority masks a real problem that will continue to grow and worsen, all to the detriment of the children in the area.

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