She's a real woman: Josefina Lopez

She's a playwright, a screenwriter and a novelist.

And she challenges Latina women to be proud of their curves.

Writer Josefina Lopez wrote the play which became the movie, "Real Women Have Curves."
Remember that movie? It helped launch the career of America Ferrera who became Ugly Betty.

And she has a new novel out called, "Hungry Woman in Paris" about a Latina journalist who moves to Paris and goes to cooking school

Lopez was in Chicago recently and spoke to some of my students.

"I have not met one single woman who feels great about her body,
even models," Lopez said. "Why do we spend more money on makeup than we do
on education?"

She often repeats a personal mantra, "All women are beautiful."

"Madison Avenue cannot sell you self-esteem or beauty," she said. "Only you can give that to yourself."

Read more about what she said at Latina Voices.

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