Photo of "Cheesus" from KTVT / KTXA .


A Texas man says he found Jesus in a Cheetos bag.

Dan Bell says he bought a bag of junk food at a service station and that one of the cheesy snacks looks like a shape of Jesus praying, according to a report by the Dallas CBS 11 station.

Strangely, it's not the first time someone has claimed to see Jesus in a Cheeto.

This is almost as unusual as the image of the Virgin Mary that appeared in a grilled cheese sandwich and was sold on eBay for $28,000 back in 2004.

Remember the Virgin of the Underpass that some say they saw beneath the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago in 2005?

There also was the Virgin Mary who appeared in the windows of an office building in Clearwater, Fla.
Over the years, there have been stories of apparitions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus in the most surprising places.

Some people call it hogwash. Others see these visions as miracles.

My first instinct would be to laugh it off.

I have traveled all over Mexico visiting shrines to the Virgin Mary and
the saints. Some of them are sanctioned by the Catholic Church like the
Virgin of Zapopan near Guadalajara.

I once interviewed a woman
who swore her prayers to the Virgin of Zapopan helped her mother
survive surgery. A truck driver I met in Oaxaca testified the Virgin of
Soledad helped him walk again after doctors said he wouldn't be able to
recover from injuries suffered in a riot. And there was a man I met at
the unsanctioned shrine to the narco saint, Jesus Malverde, in Sinaloa.
He told me he was shot (wouldn't say by who), but he survived the
wounds because he prayed to Malverde.

If I hadn't heard these
stories from people who believe the virgins and saints helped them in
their time of need, I might laugh off the Cheesus.

So if people
want to see these images reflected in ordinary things like cheese
snacks, windows and underpasses, let them believe.

Sometimes it's OK to have a little faith.

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