Bienvenidos a Chicanísima

Welcome to my new blog.

You may be wondering what Chicanísima means.

You probably understand the first word chica, which means girl in Spanish.

But this is more than one woman's point of view.

I'm also Chicana, the feminine of Chicano.

This was once a derogatory term but in the 1960s and 1970s became a word used to express the uniqueness and pride of being of Mexican ancestry but born in the United States.

That's me. I'm a Chicana from Chicago.

And the "ísima" part. Well in Spanish (and in Italian too) that's an absolute superlative that you add on a word to indicate is the most extreme or the best of something.

So here you will find a super Chicana or a Chicanísima point of view.

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