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The End of the Tastes

Bad news: it’s been three weeks since my last post.  Worse news: this is the end! I could have mentioned something last time, as my finishing with a clean 50 countries and topping it off with the good ol’ U.S. of A. was intentional.  But where’s the fun in that, right?  I should go out... Read more »

This Is Cool: Yelp mapped out Chicago foods by neighborhood

I love it when I stumble upon articles like these. DNAinfo posted an article showing some Yelp studies that highlight how prevalent different kinds of foods are in Chicago, by neighborhood. I’d explain more, but the great people at DNAinfo and Yelp have done a better job than I would, so check it out below.... Read more »

The problem with diagnosing Middle Eastern food (and a bit on Taste of Lebanon)

Man, I was doing so well, and then my company’s yearly winter session happened, and lots of food and drinks and time away from home happened.  And THEN my wife surprised me with a visit, which was awesome… just not for posting on the blog.  All of this means that I’m a week behind where... Read more »

Local diversion: America's meat -- deer?

I’m trying to time things where I go to a restaurant every other week or so.  I’ll be out of town with my wife for Christmas week, so I needed to stagger things a little bit.  I had a great dinner at my friends’ place the other night, and they suggested I write about that.... Read more »

On Vacation

Hey!  I’m on vacation. My wife, a few friends and I are working through a west coast road trip, so you won’t hear from me for a while. Good food is still happening — today’s dishes continued the shameless and stomach-aching path of fancy donut eating, an AMAZING burger at a place called Brunch Box,... Read more »

Changing things up a little bit

  I think that given my recent lack of frequency on posting as well as some day-to-day changes, I’m going to change my approach for this blog. My role has changed at work, and it’s for the better professionally, so that’s ultimately good.  However I haven’t been left with as many light gaps in my... Read more »

Fun and relevant blog distractions - school lunches from around the world

I am definitely in need of a blog distraction or two right now. My wife and I just came back from the second of three weddings this month, and that plus a few extra social obligations plus a big new role at work plus a few days of OMIGOD THE WEATHER IS DELIGHTFUL RIGHT NOW... Read more »

Artfully Gifted and Isla Pilipina's awesome community work

  Isla Pilipina serves great food and has a warm staff, but a great additional aspect of the restaurant comes in the ways that it gives back to the community. Isla Pilipina is big on the arts and the Filipino community in general.  The most visible way to notice this is by looking at the... Read more »

This just happened: Paczki Day

Well, I’m a day late on this, but it’s still worth sharing. In case you didn’t realize, Chicago celebrated Paczki (evidently pronounced “punch key”, more or less) Day today.  A paczki is a Polish donut, essentially, and, well… Tell you what.  All I did was go to Dinkel’s Bakery in Lakeview and try one (so... Read more »

Ethnic restaurants: Is simple and cheap a good thing or a bad thing?

Ten days.  Oof.  I told myself I’d stop apologizing for delays in writing because life happens sometimes, but ten days is a lot of life happening.  I’m fortunate enough to have a job that has rather consistent hours, and one that can typically afford me some time during lunch to make a phone call or... Read more »