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A look at Smoque BBQ / AMERICAN food

Awwwwww yeeeeeaaaahhhh.  U.S.A., baby.  #50 in my country list (50 stars, 50 states…get it?), but OBVIOUSLY #1 in our hearts. So many American culinary staples from which to choose.  The corn dog.  The Oreo.  Deep fried Kool-Aid.  So how did I make my dinner decision?  Well, I tried to think like a foreigner and see... Read more »

A look at I-Cafe Sukur’s Place / Turkish food

     Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  I’ve been away for a while, partially because of the holiday season but mostly because my delightful wife is back in town for her winter break from grad school.  I’ve been spending my evenings hanging out with her and as a result the blog has taken a... Read more »

A look at Greek Islands / Greek food

This time around I visited a cuisine from a country that has a neighborhood represented in Chicago, and that’s Greektown.  I’d been to Greektown once prior, and that is too few times.   I really haven’t taken advantage of the ethnic neighborhoods that Chicago has to offer like I should.  But hey, I did here.... Read more »

A look at Sticky Rice / (Northern) Thai food

Ah, Thai food.  You hold a warm, soft spot in my… stomach.  Thai food was probably the first cuisine as a high schooler that I went out and got on my own as a new experience.  There was a classmate who mentioned how much she loved a Thai restaurant in town, and I tried it... Read more »

A look at Sabor A Cafe Restaurant / Colombian food

     Oh hey there.  Nice seeing you.  You look well. Time to dip back into South American food.  This time around it was Colombian food at Sabor A Cafe.  This is a cool restaurant.  The decor was rustic and wooden (but also Latin American) with some occasional art and some South American music in... Read more »

A look at Lazzat Euro Asian Cuisine / Uzbek food

I’m back to getting a little bit weird with my cuisines, this time with some Uzbek food.  Lazzat is another one of those places where English is probably spoken less often than the native tongue (Uzbek in this case).  My waitress was a younger girl, probably in her late teens or early twenties, and the... Read more »

A look at Frietkoten Belgian Fries & Beer / Belgian food

So in my previous article I mentioned that I was stretching a little bit on this one, and I still stick to that.  I fully believe that the place I went to was Belgian, and it was a nice place.  But it wasn’t really a restaurant, per se — it was a shop (or perhaps... Read more »

A look at Casa Yari / Puerto Rican food

   Hey hey, back to a regular ol’ place that specializes in something.  OK, not 100% regular — Casa Yari specializes in two things — Puerto Rican cuisine and Honduran cuisine.  Yelp brought me here for the Puerto Rican, however, so that’s what I’ll profile. The restaurant was simple and elegant all at once.  The... Read more »

A look at Brianna’s Restaurant / Guatemalan food

       Like I said, hockey time and spring time meant a little bit of stalling.  My roommate and I went to this place Wednesday night after a little bit of assuming on which continent’s turn it was, because I didn’t have my document with me that highlighted my order.  I keep my country... Read more »

A look at Laschet's Inn / German food

I feel like I haven’t profiled a more common cuisine lately, and when I needed to get food the other night time was a factor, so it was as good a time as any to go common.  Back when I lived in North Center (I miss you, North Center!  We had such good chemistry…) I... Read more »