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Italian recipe: easy pasta sauces

I was telling Gianni about the little vegetable garden plot we have up near my house, and how we have too much basil growing and we don’t know what to do with it.  “PESTO!”  He said.  Oh yeah, duh.  He gave me a quick and easy pesto sauce to make, and I’ll add a couple... Read more »

Armenian recipe: spinach boereg

In one final display of confidence over his cooking and his restaurant, Roupen goes ahead and posts recipes on the Sayat Nova website.  So you too can cook some of the yummy meals you find here at home. I was going to go ahead and write up the recipe, but let’s be real — it’d... Read more »

Chinese recipe: Ma po tofu

Whenever I have the opportunity, either from a restaurant’s owner or chef, I’m going to try to post a recipe that well represents the countries’ cuisines I talk about here on this blog. In this case, however, I simply asked my buddy Kevin for an authentic recipe.  He’s cooked me a couple of dishes before... Read more »