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There’s not a restaurant, but there’s still food: Cambodia

    I’m a little behind with the posts, as I’ve hit up two places since posting the recent summary.  The first one was getting a Cambodian dish at a place called Noodles Party (great name — I’d go to tons of food parties if I knew about them) on 4205 W. Lawrence in Albany... Read more »

There’s not a restaurant, but there’s still food: Norway (kinda sorta)

Mmmkay, soooooo, this one’s maybe a bit of a stretch. My wife is out of town, so my initial plan was to profile a place with meat-heavy cuisine.  But I made a handful of phone calls today and got nowhere, other than some voice mails and some mentions to try another day.  So I went... Read more »

My Kenyan dish: some corrections

Whoops. After my post on Kenyan food and subsequent tweet about it, I received some really helpful feedback both from a reader named Jim00 and a responder on Twitter regarding the dish I ate.  I’ll break it down below. First off, it’s not spelled “yamashoma” but rather “nyama choma”.  So there’s that.  Second off, “ugali”... Read more »

There’s not a restaurant, but there’s still food: Kenya

This is a first in regards to a new blogging category for me.  I’m going to write a one-off post about a specific cuisine this time, rather than a few.  The reason being is among the 89 countries’ worth of cuisines here that I counted, there were a handful for which I couldn’t find a... Read more »