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Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ tenth five countries

Not gonna lie, this one is pretty cool.  I’ve hit fifty countries of food since I started this thing up.  There was a little lag there for a bit around the holidays but recently I’ve had an improved pace.  I’ve also kept track of the different global categories I created for a little while now,... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ ninth five countries

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve had another summary like this.  I don’t know if it was my crazy summer traveling (the months of August, September, and October will see me in town exactly one weekend out of four/five in each of those months), absent-mindedness, or both, but it happened.  This truck... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ eighth five countries

Big 4-0.  Feels good.  I’m in that time struggle right now, as predicted, with my lovely wife in town and the weather improving (at least sometimes), so now’s a convenient spot for one of these mini-summaries. I had discovered that I haven’t done a ton of the one-off places recently, so those might come a... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ seventh five countries

New year, new recap.  Ba da bing ba da boom.  This set was met by more slowdowns and a few holiday interruptions, but we’re here nonetheless.  In fact, I think this is the first set since I’ve moved to Irving Park.  Memories… One thing I did during this set is I’ve figured out a formula... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ sixth five countries

With 30 countries down, I’m just about as close to a third complete as I can get.  I believe I started out finding 89 countries’ worth of food to visit, and through friends and an opening or two I’m up to 92.  The number could definitely change as we go, but it just shows how... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ fifth five countries

Fifth five!  Five squared!  Restaurant Bowl XXV! A shift happened during this time, and I’ll touch on it more in a bit, but I’m glad to keep this going even if at a slowed pace.  Not only did I hit 25 countries but I also surpassed 100 posts.  Happy to see that I’ve stuck with... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ fourth five countries

Fourth five!  Twenty down.  Good times for sure. I’ve probably leaned on going to some of the lesser-known cuisines early on, which means a few cuisines that are generally ethnic staples (Indian, Mexican, Thai, French (sorta)) have yet to show up.  I guess I’ve already hit a couple of staples (Chinese, Italian) and I’ll try... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ third five countries

Well.  “Third five” sounds a little weird to me, but I’ll just have to own it from here on out.  “Fifth five” will probably sound the dumbest, won’t it.  But you know what I mean. I don’t know if it’s the Chicago winter, just general levels of being busy, or simply the inevitable, but I’ve... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ second five countries

All right all right!  Ten down!  CWT (yep, we’re to the point where I’ve acronym’ed it) has kept things going and a couple of friends and Meredith have helped lead the way.  I’m continuing to try to spread the regions as I go, so hopefully you’ll see a diverse list along the way as I... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago's Worldly Tastes' first five countries

Happy Independence Day! Today really isn’t a time to try out a new cuisine from another country — today is a day to eat some ‘MERICAN food!  So while you should of course continue reading, fill up on some hot dogs, barbecue, and ice cream today, and celebrate this country. In the meantime, I’m going... Read more »