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  It’s been a little while now, certainly longer than I wanted.  And this is a bit of a sneak peek, but I kind of feel like my menu description this time around will be a bit of a stretch.  (Not a ton, but still.  A little.)  But hey, compromise offer!  For this round, Belgium,... Read more »


  BRINGIN’ IT BACK!  Sort of.  I’m moved into my new place in Irving Park (mostly moved, anyway — the hard parts are done) and my new roommate and I figured we’d check out some nearby restaurants.  And look at that, one of the places near us is on the blog list!  Very convenient. I’m... Read more »


When talking about the food at Noon O Kabab, I mentioned that I didn’t actually get to speak to anyone about the cuisine and the restaurant.  I had to follow up.  Work and after work are still crazy, but I managed to find some time today to talk to the General Manager of the restaurant,... Read more »


  If I recall correctly, Ethiopia is the second country that takes me to a restaurant favorite of my wife’s and mine here in Chicago.  When I visited Trattoria Gianni for my Italian profile, we had already been there multiple times.  The same goes with Ras Dashen for Ethiopian.  It seems like my wife has... Read more »


  (So I’m not actually sure if the “the” is part of the country name. Wikipedia sorta says yes, but my Google search just gave me “Philippines”.  Google wins.  All Hail Google.) I’ve had a couple of instances where I’ve had friends with certain heritages that have allowed me to try a new cuisine through... Read more »

Bosnia and the language of food

  Several of the places I’ve been to so far have mentioned how a lot of their cuisine is a blend of nearby regional influences.  It makes sense — cultures have traveled, conquered, and generally intermingled over time, and if something tastes good, well, it’s gonna stick and it’s gonna spread.  Bosnia is no different... Read more »

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  So far I’ve been trying to geographically space countries and regions out, by hopping between continents and trying to spread the regions out as I go.  For instance, if I’d done an east Asian country last, I’d try to wait at least four or five countries before going back to something else from east... Read more »


  I think that doing the Mediterranean countries for this blog will prove to be somewhat tough.  I’ll probably write a specific post on this later, but several of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries I’ve identified on my world list are paired with certain restaurants specifically because in the Yelp comments, one or two... Read more »

United Kingdom: Part Two

OK, Eleanor and Russell kindly gave me enough time and info that I was able to split this bad boy into two pieces.  So here’s part two. A lot of the differences between American and British food quickly arise when you’re simply talking about definitions.  My mistake with using “pants” from Part One could easily... Read more »

United Kingdom: Part One

  Some days doing this blog is a tougher job than other days. I’ve by and large avoided the miserable Chicago cold so far this winter (during the two worst polar vortex days, my boss allowed me to work from home), but yesterday I found myself trekking a mile or so back home from a... Read more »