A look at Bourbon Cafe / Macedonian food

  This one was actually a find by my buddy, as I missed it in my initial search.  If there was such a thing as a dive bar version of a restaurant, this is a good example.  I don’t mean that in a negative way, however — I got a kick out of the feel... Read more »

On Vacation

Hey!  I’m on vacation. My wife, a few friends and I are working through a west coast road trip, so you won’t hear from me for a while. Good food is still happening — today’s dishes continued the shameless and stomach-aching path of fancy donut eating, an AMAZING burger at a place called Brunch Box,... Read more »

There’s not a restaurant, but there’s still food: Cambodia

    I’m a little behind with the posts, as I’ve hit up two places since posting the recent summary.  The first one was getting a Cambodian dish at a place called Noodles Party (great name — I’d go to tons of food parties if I knew about them) on 4205 W. Lawrence in Albany... Read more »

Mini Summary: Chicago’s Worldly Tastes’ fifth five countries

Fifth five!  Five squared!  Restaurant Bowl XXV! A shift happened during this time, and I’ll touch on it more in a bit, but I’m glad to keep this going even if at a slowed pace.  Not only did I hit 25 countries but I also surpassed 100 posts.  Happy to see that I’ve stuck with... Read more »

I know I’m not reviewing the food, but let’s talk about… the choripan

With the newfound arrangement I have a mini-plan of attack on still learning a little bit about the culture and cuisine, in that I’m at least going to try to pry some info out of the waitstaff and/or cashiers about the food I’m going to eat.  At 90 Miles my plan didn’t work so well... Read more »

A look at 90 Miles Cuban Cafe / Cuban Food

I miss the country profile articles already.  While I’m going to truck forward without them, I’m a bit of a geography nerd so I feel compelled to still throw the country map in there.  So now you get TWO pictures with each of these posts!  Hooray! I’ve heard some good things about 90 Miles, the... Read more »

Changing things up a little bit

  I think that given my recent lack of frequency on posting as well as some day-to-day changes, I’m going to change my approach for this blog. My role has changed at work, and it’s for the better professionally, so that’s ultimately good.  However I haven’t been left with as many light gaps in my... Read more »

A look at Noon O Kabab / Iranian food (/ Persian food)

OK, stiiiiiiiiill haven’t reached out to the owner of Noon O Kabab.  If I do I’ll certainly write a post on it.  Regardless, it was time to post something again, so I’m doing the restaurant/high level food piece here. Noon O Kabab is a nice restaurant.  It’s a casual, family-like atmosphere where the decor is... Read more »


When talking about the food at Noon O Kabab, I mentioned that I didn’t actually get to speak to anyone about the cuisine and the restaurant.  I had to follow up.  Work and after work are still crazy, but I managed to find some time today to talk to the General Manager of the restaurant,... Read more »

Fun and relevant blog distractions - school lunches from around the world

I am definitely in need of a blog distraction or two right now. My wife and I just came back from the second of three weddings this month, and that plus a few extra social obligations plus a big new role at work plus a few days of OMIGOD THE WEATHER IS DELIGHTFUL RIGHT NOW... Read more »