Thinking Of Dropping Out Of Law School? You Aren't Alone

Law school finals are just around the corner and surely there are some 1L's who have realized that this life isn't for them.  Are you thinking of quitting law school? You’ve got company! f you were to drop out of Law School today, you would join the list of some very high profile drop out alums. Here’s a glance at 20.

1. Vince Lombardi is known  as the former head coach for the Green Bay Packers. The Lombardi trophy was not yet even a thought when he dropped out of Fordham Law. Who would believe that the man most known for his tough demeanor and inspirational words of wisdom could have been an insurance defense lawyer?
2. Diane Sawyer broke the glass ceilings in journalism and paved the way for many women to follow in her footsteps in the news world. Only after breaking up with the University of Louisville School of Law which she left to be a weather girl.
3. Bernie Madoff should have gone back. This pyramid scheme mastermind is most known for his ability to scam a huge chunk of New Yorkers out of their hard earned money. Now instead of arguing in a courtroom, Bernie sits in a jail cell.
4. Ted Bundy was one of America’s worst serial killers rounding up numbers of at least 30 murders. Before he was the Unabomber living in a cabin, he sat through civil procedure class at the University of Utah.
5.  Speaking of psychopaths, New Trier grad Donald Rumsfeld did some time at Georgetown Law before he got the US in to a senseless war.
6.  Was it her short time at law school that inspired Harper Lee to envision Atticus Finch arguing in To Kill A Mockingbird or perhaps, it was leaving law school that later inspired her to rethink the character in the book, Go Set a Watchman.
7 & 8.  Teddy Roosevelt along with Franklin Delano Roosevelt both left Columbia Law School to pursue their individual goals in politics. Turns out for them, dropping out was ok, because they both were issued their Juris Doctorates later in life as honorees of the college.
9.  Woodrow Wilson also made it all the way to the presidency, but not before he took a break from school to focus on family and health. He is one of the few who continued on teaching law to himself, and was able to pass the GA bar. He did practice for about a year but found it boring and moved on to politics.
10.  Lyndon B. Johnson only attended law school for one semester. He spent the rest of his time learning the art of debate and political science. Turns out politics was always his passion.
11.  Harry Truman wanted to attend Westpoint, but his poor eyesight would simply not allow it. He was one of the few who enrolled in night classes for law school, but went on to pursue politics after dropping out two years into his studies.
12. Al Gore may have invented the internet and discovered global climate change, but achieving his JD escaped him. He was one of the youngest to be seated in Congress and won a Nobel Peace Prize. All without finishing law school.
13.  Paul Simon, like a bridge over troubled water, Paul was unable to resurrect his life boat to paddle across the finish line at graduation from Brooklyn Law School. Leaving his legal career …. In the sounds of silence.
14.  Martin Luther found God, but not before he attended law school. It is said, that a spark of lightning caused his quick retreat from the legal field.
15. Gene Kelly was originally interested in journalism, but later left the University of Pittsburgh to pursue dancing and film. He danced his way to the top of the A list in his time.
16. Demetri Martin has always been an entertainer. Apparently, law school wasn’t entertaining enough for him and he left two years in. Keeping in mind, he left behind the full ride scholarship that came with. Now he’s the one entertaining with his standup comedy and accolades all across the comedy world.
17.  Marco Antonio Barrera is now a professional boxer. I guess hitting the books became too boring for him, and he decided to train in a completely different ring after finishing three years in law school.
18.  Marv Levy, another football coach, also spent time in law school; Harvard, nonetheless. His decision to quit came just three short weeks in. He did eventually return to Harvard, but not to study law, rather he earned a Master’s degree in English.
19.  Dabney Coleman, actor, comedian, law school dropout. Dabney was in law school for about a year and a half when he got the call to head to New York to begin his acting career.
20.  Ray Manczarek  has many musical accolades for being one of the original members of The Doors. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 1993. Before all of that, in 1961 he was a student at University of California, Los Angeles School of law. He quickly realized his brain was in the arts and not the law and moved on to a different field before dropping out completely.

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