These Plastic Surgeons Are The Worst

These Plastic Surgeons Are The Worst

Just because you can…. doesn’t mean that you should.  We've all heard that saying, but don't always follow that advice.  An article a couple of weeks ago showed that some of the highest earning doctors behave like morons and because of that new rules may need to be put in to place to regulate their lack of common sense behavior.

Currently, the American society of Plastic Surgeons’ has no code for doctors and their internet behavior. This loophole is allowing more than one doctor to take advantage of the situation, all in the attempt to be “internet famous” or to get more “likes” across all social media outlets.  You'd think that showing up, doing the surgery and getting paid a ton of money would be enough for them, but it's not. Since it's 2017 you have to worry about your brand and your social media presence.

Snapchatting during surgery is becoming a popular awful trend among plastic surgeons, in particular. There are several who are labeled as “Dr’s” for the stars, who like to push the ethical edge in these snapchats. While they typically do not show the actual patient, which would be a HIPAA violation, they do often depict a Dr. playing with fat or excess skin. One doctor in the story super imposed a hot dog under a woman’s skin using a snap chat filter.

Ethically this is awful, but even more than that, if the doctors are busy playing around and making funny videos or taking selfies, who is making sure the patient, is ok? Court documents filed in the Joan Rivers wrongful death lawsuit claim that is exactly what her doctor did; the records claim not only did the doctor take pictures of Ms. Rivers while she was unconscious, but also leaned in to make sure he got a selfie with her as well.

Being this bold and brazen, to film the bad behavior, one has to ask what these doctors are doing when the camera isn’t rolling. Is it truly just a PR Stunt? What is their priority?  It's gross behavior and I honestly don't know how you make the leap to even try it all.  And the first time you get caught doing this without the consent of a patient you should lose your license.

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