Would Donald Trump Resign For One Billion Dollars???

Would Donald Trump Resign For One Billion Dollars???

If you listen to Howard Stern or a host of other people, you will believe, like me, that Donald Trump never really wanted to be President.  He had what seemed like a pretty good life and while he's spent more than 80 days at his own properties since taking office, you know he wishes that he was there every day.

Like our former Governor, Rod Blagojevich, Trump has an attitude of "I have this thing of great value and I'm going to use it." Since we live in a bizarro world, he's been able to make millions off his visits to his properties, foreign Governments who have stayed at his properties and the business deals he's been able to get done.

He's making bank, but he's not able to enjoy it and he becomes more and more hated every day. He's seen Sean Spicer exit and somehow get in on the joke.  So you can bet he'd like a way out.

So what if Trump was given a billion dollars to resign?  For any prior President they wouldn't think about it, but Trump is clearly not in this for public service and is not happy. He's always wanted to be able to say he's a billionaire and have people believe him and this is his chance.

There is currently a drive going to raise that money at Funded Justice which is a legal crowd funding site (full disclosure, I'm a part owner of the company).  If the money isn't raised all dollars will go to hurricane relief efforts including Puerto Rico which has been badly neglected.

So please think about donating.  It will go to a good cause and potentially a great cause, if you consider avoiding World War III a great cause.   And unlike a certain President's promise, you know the money will actually make it to the charity.

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  • If he would, I'm in for a hondo. Sadly, the presidency is going to be worth BILLIONS to the Trumps. BILLIONS, I tell ya.

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