Stephen Paddock Was A Good Guy With A Gun

It's been about two weeks since the most recent modern day worst mass killing by guns in the United States. Hopefully now it's not "insensitive" to the victims to talk about why and how to stop the next one.

We've heard forever that the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  That theory sounds catchy and if the "good guy" is a police officer, I agree with it.

The problem is that while there are many people illegally carrying guns, there are also many more who like Stephen Paddock, legally carry and own guns and do nothing wrong with them until they do.  So unless the police or FBI knew that Paddock was considering a killing spree, even if they saw him walking down the street with his arsenal, there would be nothing they could do to stop him until he starts shooting.

Stephen Paddock literally could have walked down Las Vegas Blvd. with an AR-15 over his shoulder and bullets falling out of his pockets and his only crime would be littering.  He could simply say that he was carrying that gun and the ammo for safety and at that point he would be a good guy with a gun because he had no criminal record and legally owned all of the weapons he acquired.

It would have violated his rights under the law if the police were to inquire as to why he was buying so many guns and so many bullets.  That would be true if he was a rich white guy like he was or any other citizen.  Unless the hotel objected, which they might not have since he was a high roller, Paddock could have openly toted his guns in the casino and he would been following the law.

So if you are for open carry and people being able to have whatever gun they want as long as they aren't a criminal then please let us know how the good guys with guns can stop the bad guys who used to be good guys before they start shooting.  Because the next Stephen Paddock could be just like him; a good guy with a gun, until he wasn't.

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  • When Wayne LaPierre or Sen. Gun McBullet (R-AL) talk about good guys with guns coming to the rescue, those good guys are also wearing badges. There aren't many scenarios where John Q. Niceguy shows up to take down a mass murderer. And this, if anyone asks is coming from a good guy who does carry a gun, but doesn't think that every nut in America should.

  • There are numerous issues with the OP that don't, haven't, and wont work out in real life. First: Paddock had NO signs or symptoms beforehand to call him a "nut", much less to give law enforcement the notion he shouldn't have a firearm. That's BEEN established.
    Second: There are 10's of thousands of YEARLY instances of "good guys and girls" stopping "bad guys" with guns, sometimes having to shoot, sometimes not.
    Third: The word your using in your comment is "prevent". I've considered this deeply. Can we prevent a mass shooting? Can we prevent a mass shooting with laws? One thing we can agree on... we can't prevent murder. You can't legislate evil out of ppl's hearts. You can only hold them accountable. Now, with regard to mass shootings; can we prevent them though? First, he already broke a dozen laws in doing what he did. Think about this: if we made black powder illegal. If there was a law on the books 10 years ago that made black powder illegal. Would it have stopped Paddock? It MAY have prevented the Va. Tech shooting, because the shooter was NOT wealthy, had little connections, and wasn't wealthy, however Paddock has all 3. I'm sure if given some time and the challenge to do so, he could get RPGs or other military grade weapons. 2 things are an absolute fact: if we had a law on the books 10 years ago making black powder, or long guns, or pistols illegal, the bad guys aren't going to give theirs up. Second, it will embolden the bad guys to rob, steal, and kill people with little threat of losing their own lives.

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    That's a lie, There are less than 300 verified legal DGU's per year in the USA.

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    I suggest this: Put your $$$ where your mouth is. Shun states with bad gun laws (LCPGV score worse than C: Don't vacation there. Don't invest there. Tell groups with which you are affiliated not to hold conferences or reunions there. Tell big corporations, sports groups (NFL, NBA) not to hold events there, not to invest there.
    TELL these rogue states that you will be spending your personal and corporate dollars in states with sane gun laws. States like Massachusetts. New York. California. States whose own good practice is undermined by gun-source states like Maine and Kentucky, etc. etc. where guns can be had for the asking.
    DO SOMETHING besides lobbying an NRA-controlled US Congress and wringing your hands.
    MONEY TALKS in these United States. Nothing else -- not dead babies, not dead concert goers, not dead wives and children, not dead suicides, not facts and statistics from doctors nor from sane societies around the world who watch with disbelief and horror our self-inflicted carnage -- the gun sellers and crazy gun-loving minority do not care about any of this.
    Only MONEY.
    And these economic tactics have worked:

  • In reply to Sheila Leavitt:

    Excellent point. Hard in Chicago where the major source of gun violence is illegal weapons from Indiana, but I like the way you are thinking.

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