Some Illinois Attorneys Are Just Idiots

Some Illinois Attorneys Are Just Idiots

This story seems like it could be made in to a commercial for Bad Idea Jeans.

With the caveat that these are all just allegations right now, a 40-year-old Bloomington attorney is likely in a heap of hurt after unleashing an online war against his opposing counsel. Not only did he use her name and photos in a fake dating site ad, he also submitted her name and personal information to four other sites requesting information. He used her name, phone number, email and photograph from her law firm’s website to build these profiles. In some instances she received daily communications from four organizations. He also created false accounts on Facebook and other peer review websites, only to leave her fake negative reviews.

His opposing counsel was made aware of the fake profile and requested the IP search be done, in an attempt to prove who had created the accounts. If creating the profiles and leaving negative reviews aren’t bad enough, he was also dumb enough to do these things from his work computer a search showed. When confronted with the allegations, the attorney did admit to the dirty online deeds.

These actions clearly broke the rules of professional conduct by involving himself in dishonest and fraudulent acts, as well as misrepresentation. While the ARDC has not yet punished him, there was a no-contact/stalking order placed against him. The order against him was dismissed once his identity was revealed.  (

Attorneys are held to a higher moral standard of ethics both in their professional lives as well as sometimes things they do outside of the office. Unlike some professions, lawyers really do police themselves and when someone does something out of line like this, they usually pay the consequences.

The most surprising thing about this case to me is that the lawyer who is being accused came from a reputable law firm and surely has been in hotly contested legal battles over his years as an attorney.  Why this particular case set him off is anyone's best guess, but it appears to have ended his career or at least ruined it.  He's still a licensed attorney, for now, but his best case scenario seems to be a ruined reputation.

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  • If you had to quantify it, what percentage of Illinois attorneys would you say are idiots?

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    This dumb? Almost none. How often to I come across an attorney who I'd never hire? Often, but most attorneys are smart and competent.

  • While the firm Quitschau worked for is well respected-ish in Bloomington, he was not. He represented my ex husband as we worked through some details of our custody agreement. Took an extra year because Quitschau "forgot" to file paperwork multiple times. He once told my lawyer that he received the papers to file but didn't feel like doing it. He delayed everything. Feel bad for my ex since it cost him more in the long run. Good riddance to him.

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