Please Be Advised, Some Lawyers Don't Speak Human

Please Be Advised, Some Lawyers Don't Speak Human

Please be advised, that when you go to law school, they teach you principles of law.

Please be advised that in law school they don't teach you how to be an actual lawyer or deal with clients.

Please be advised that when you get your first job out of law school, you may not get any actual training about how to act or what to do.

Please be advised that instead they will just throw cases on your desk and tell you to start being a lawyer.

Please be advised that even if they give you training on how to handle a case, they won't teach you how to interact with others.

Please be advised that just as my friends and I dressed a certain way at 15 to make it seem like we were rappers, some lawyers talk a certain way to make it seem like they are lawyers.

Please be advised that when you get letters from other attorneys who write like non-humans it just makes them want to do it more.

Please be advised that some dumb clients who don't know better are impressed by those who try to act what they think a lawyer should act like.

Please be advised that smarter clients and people in general think you're a blow hard when you talk that way.

Please be advised that if you write a letter in a normal sounding way, even to an adversary, it won't have any less affect.

Please be advised that when you do act and talk like a normal person instead of what you think an attorney "should" be like, you will actually get more business and be more successful.

Please be advised that the only think that is douchier in letters from lawyers that start this way are making tough guy threats or setting artificial deadlines that have no meaning in real life.

Please be advised that it's 2017 and in most cases instead of dictating a letter that your secretary has to type, you can write a quick, normal sounding e-mail written in the same way you communicate with your spouse, parents or friends (you do have those, right) and it will be cheaper, faster and get you a response that doesn't alienate the recipient.

Please be advised that an even better route is picking up the phone, having a normal, human conversation where you make a connection and hopefully get to the point.

Please be advised that only you can stop lawyers from talking like robots by telling them to talk normal or refusing to work with them.

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