Boating Under The Influence On Lake Michigan

Boating Under The Influence On Lake Michigan

I've never had a boat, but I've had friends with boats which is way better than having a boat.

I've never been on a boat though where someone wasn't drinking. Not always getting plowed, but usually someone was having a beer or wine or something else.  The drivers of the boats I've been with are usually sober unless they are docked for the night and not planning on going anywhere.

There are only a few more boating days left, but if you do what my friends do and get drunk while parked with no intention of going anywhere, you can still get a DUI.

It sounds absurd.  You aren't going to be actually driving anywhere, but if you are in control of the boat and drunk, you can get a DUI.  You don't even have to be on the boat. You could be hanging out on the dock and it would still happen to you.

The key factor is that you are in control of the vehicle even if you aren't operating it.  It's the same way for cars.  I've helped people who knew they were too drunk to drive so they decided to sleep in the back seat and got arrested when a cop saw them and knocked on their window.  Others have been walking around near their car and had the same thing happen to them.

It really goes against common sense and was probably a law made in reaction to wanting to stop people from actually driving drunk before they do anything stupid and harm someone. I get the good intent behind making the law, but what is happening is that people who clearly aren't going to operate a vehicle when intoxicated are getting arrested.

These aren't just traffic tickets either, they are regular old DUI's, punishable by jail time and a loss of your license.

So if you want to be super duper safe and avoid a DUI, not only should you not drive drunk, you should not be near your keys or have any ability to operate a vehicle or the cops can get you.

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