Want To Stop Medical Malpractice? Here's How

Want To Stop Medical Malpractice? Here's How

So you’ve lost your privilege to drive.  The state pulled your license to teach you a lesson in discipline for your irresponsible actions, and now you’re stuck riding the train to work or any other form of public transportation available.  It’s how we keep our streets and citizens safe.  Eliminate the poor drivers, eliminate potential accidents and injuries.  Ideally, this would be nice if it were the case when it comes to reducing medical malpractice.

A recent article I read involving an alarming statistic stated that roughly 2% of all doctors are involved in half of all medical malpractice settlements.  Looking even deeper, 1% of doctors are responsible for approximately 32% of malpractice claims.  The 2% total is just over 22,500 doctors and in 25 years they were responsible for more than $41 billion worth of payments from their mistakes. Somehow most of these doctors are still allowed to practice medicine.

A crappy driver wouldn't be able to get insurance after so many accidents and neither can most of these doctors.  The difference is that while the drivers would also likely lose their driving privileges, but these terrible doctors somehow are usually able to keep practicing medicine.  Why the state licensing boards don't pull the reigns in on these cases is ridiculous.

I can't think of a similar situation where bad actors would get away with so much, costing people so much money, and not face any loss of their career with the possible exception of politics.  These doctors could be suspended, forced to undergo retraining, restricted from certain activities or forced to do something new for a living.

The problem is that State licensing boards will often work out deals with these doctors.  I was involved in one malpractice lawsuit where Colorado didn't want a doctor practicing there anymore, but didn't do anything to prevent her from getting a license in Illinois.  She came here, committed similar mistakes and ruined a bunch of lives before finally getting out of performing surgeries for good.

This wouldn't end all medical malpractice lawsuits, but if those making mistakes were taken out of the game it would greatly reduce lawsuits and of course save lives.  Why we don't take this logical step is anyone's guess.

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    This is simply untrue
    Having handled nearly 40,000 malpractice claim over 35 years there is no evidence to support. Think about the number of Claims each doctor would have to commit. Their premium would be unaffordable and they would all lose their License . There is much more but these are stats that I find supported only by the plaintiff's bar to encourage folks to bring an action

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