How To Tell If You Are A Partisan Hack

How To Tell If You Are A Partisan Hack

I lately feel like I'm living in a bizarro world where politicians and people are fine with things that just seem so un-American.  I would have been furious if Hilary Clinton had fired Comey while she was under investigation. I found it maddening that Obama played so much golf.  I understood why people were anti-Hilary because they thought she might be personally profiting from her office.

All that said, if it doesn't bother you that our President fired two people who were investigating him, enriches himself and his family with every trip he takes, has golfed more than once a week on trips that personally profit him and had three people in his campaign who appear to have worked with the country that hacked our election, then you are a partisan hack.

And all of this is true when you look at the President through a vacuum not in the context of knowing he constantly lies and cons people with no regard for truth.

You can think he's awful and still be against Obamacare and high taxes.  But if you look the other way to achieve those things, you are a partisan hack.

You can be pro-Democrat, but if you can't recognize that Rahm is doing a terrible job, you're a hack.

If you supported Blagojevich until the end, you're a hack.

If you are ok with the President using Russian propaganda stories as if they are facts, but have a problem with "fake news" you might not be a partisan hack, but you are not critically thinking.

You can feel that it's good that "illegals" are being kicked out of the county, but if you can't recognize that we are losing the separation of powers, then you are a partisan hack.

Feeling that Anita Alvarez did a great job prosecuting police shootings likely makes you less than objective.

You can be anti-Comey, but if it doesn't bother you that the lead investigator was fired after ramping up the aggressiveness of his Russian investigation, becoming only the second FBI head to be fired, you appear to put party over country.

If you were mad that there was a single Benghazi hearing or in the alternative were mad that there were only nine Benghazi hearings, you are a partisan hack.

If you thought a woman would be too emotional for President, but are OK with our Twitterer in chief ....

When you pretend that taxes in Chicago and Cook County aren't too high, corruption and nepotism doesn't exist and believe that it's easy to run a business here, you are putting party over where you live.

You might want to gut the health care laws, but if it doesn't bother you that it was voted on by people who hadn't read it, refuse to defend it and have said it's bad even though they supported it, like them, you might be a partisan hack.

If you want "America To Be Great Again", but think it's fine that the President's old driver delivered Comey's firing letter to the FBI then, well you know.

If you voted for Alan Keyes when he ran for Senate in Illinois, you're just weird.

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