The Most Surprising Thing About The United Airlines Fiasco

By now you've probably seen and heard about how a passenger was dragged off a United Airlines flight because it was overbooked and United wanted to bump him so their crew members could take his and other seats. The passenger refused to leave and ended up a bloody mess.  The only person happy about this is the dumb dumb who put the Kardashian girl in a Pepsi commercial.

There's a lot that's surprising about this.  How come nobody at United was smart enough to handle this without calling the cops?  They could have increased their offer to get volunteers to leave the plane until they found a match. They could have rented a car for their employees to drive to Louisville, the eventual plane destination.  In the aftermath, United could have offered sincere apologies instead of acting like they were in the right.  Instead their stock tanked and people are boycotting them.

The most surprising thing to me though is that the Chicago police didn't arrest Dr. David Dao, the now infamous passenger who was dragged out of the flight a bloody mess.  I don't think it would have been right, but any time the police rough up somebody, they usually charge them with something. Trespassing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest are the three big ones.  In cases like this where someone ends up bloody you often see a bogus charge of assaulting a police officer which is typically a felony charge.

Essentially these bogus charges are done to prevent or discourage a lawsuit.  You can't say it's an illegal assault if you are convicted of resisting arrest or assaulting a cop.

Maybe it's because this was all caught on video or maybe charges are going to eventually happen, but I really can't believe he wasn't lead away in handcuffs.  About once a week I get a call from someone who doesn't leave a nightclub or other venue fast enough and they typically get bogus arrest charges once they are roughed up a bit.  Look up former Bull Thabo Sefalosha and what happened to him in New York City.

Dr. Dao appears to have a great lawsuit on his hands.  If United is smart they'd make it go away quick, even if the police have bigger liability than they do. If they let litigation drag on it would become the new most surprising thing about this case.


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  • Maybe the Chicago police didn't arrest Dr. Dao because they're not the ones who dragged him off the plane. According to some reports, the people who did the dragging were members of a shadowy organizations called the airport police, not part of the CPD. I never heard to these guys before; they appear to be a part of the Chicago Dept. of Aviation. How is that such officers are required when posting at O'Hare airport is one of the plushest of beats for the CPD?

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    In addition to trespass, he should have been charged with the Federal law "Interfering with a flight crew." That is what is usually charged against people who create a disturbance on an airline. United could also sue the "so-called" doctor for damages due to civil trespass. What also surprises me is that this guy is in his late 60's. Elderly people don't usually challenge the authorities. Sorry he got hurt but he brought in on himself.

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