Is This The Best Or Worst Lawyer Ad Ever?

Background. This is a Texas lawyer and it seems like something a Texas lawyer would do.  In general I'm against any cheesy lawyer ad, especially the "we don't get paid until you do" or "in a wreck, get a check" nonsense.

This one is a total 'Merica type ad which may not be a parody.  It's awful, but it's so bad that it's kind of awesome even with it's somewhat racist portrayal of the criminal defendant/Santa.

I say that because his goal is to get people to watch and it's hard to turn this one off because it's so ridiculous.  In the end he gives some good legal advice which probably causes some people to call him because in his moment of seriousness he comes across as professional and appears to know what he's talking about.

My guess is he gets a lot of calls from people who can't afford a lawyer, but he also probably gets enough business to justify it. And if a Chicago lawyer is talking about him you can bet his ads are getting a lot of publicity in Texas.

So it's terrible, but in an awesome way.  Not for me, but good for him.

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  • Shakespeare said it best, ''The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers''

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