America, Love It Or Leave It!

America, Love It Or Leave It!

Did you see that celebrity this weekend who disrespected our flag, our country, our soldiers and our President? It's disgusting.  This is America, the greatest country in the world.  Land of the free.  Home of the brave.  And this guy acts like someone who isn't proud of America.  Isn't proud to be a citizen.  Thinks we are losers.

We are not sub-par.  We are not broken.  We have the world's strongest economy.  Strongest military.  Our employment rate is great. Yet this  guy says that we are behind China.  Behind Russia.  Behind Mexico!  They all laugh at us he says.  Talks about our President being a traitor. Tells war heroes that he doesn't like them because they were captured.  Disrespects Gold Star families. Says he knows more than our Generals do about war and ISIS despite never having served and getting out of a possible military commitment with a flimsy medical excuse and a problem that magically was cured as soon as he could no longer be drafted.

Worst of all he says every single day that America is not great.  Can you imagine a soldier coming back from war having put their life on the line for the country, watching their brothers and sisters get seriously injured or killed and then hear some blowhard with terrible fake hair and very tiny hands tell them that they are doing a terrible job?

I will admit that part of what makes America truly great is our freedom of speech, so I do have to say that I respect the right of this man to say these very awful things, even when he simply makes things up or changes his mind about what he "believes" the very next day.  And sure the things he said about McCain and the Khan family and the sitting President and the possible future President and the past President and all of his primary opponents and anyone who disagrees with him, were completely awful and disgusting.  But for some people when he takes a stand against any troops or our Commander in Chief, that's just him speaking his mind.  His fans love it.

This guy says he loves America even if these words or the actions of his businesses where he shipped jobs out of the country say otherwise.  My take on this is if you don't love our country then maybe you should find a country that works better for you.   So Donald Trump, if you don't think America is great, then perhaps you should see if there's another country that works better for you.  I hear you have friends in Russia.  Sounds like it would be a good match for you.

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  • Are you a voice for George Soros or the left wing Democratic party?

  • In reply to NKPDISPR:

    Can't I be both?

  • Based upon the title of this piece that appeared in my email, I was prepared to take umbrage with it and with you. Now that I've read it, Mr. Helfand, I say bravo. Possibly because you've echoed my own thoughts, I find this to be your best blog, to date. It was civil disobedience that brought suffrage to women, that brought us the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and brought an end to the war in Vietnam. It was civil disobedience that created this nation.

    Compared to a Chicago Police Officer shooting Laquan McDonald as the young man was walking away and then pumping 16 bullets into his body as he lay dying in the street, not standing for a song that extols the virtue of slavery (see the end of the 3rd verse) is a pretty tame act of defiance and protest. Having been a protester in the 60's, the flag was an object of scorn. At this stage of my life, I could never turn my back on that flag, but I defend a man's right to express his outrage at the way the values represented by that flag have been denied to the people of his race.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    Thanks Bob!

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