I'll have 40 AK-47's and 10,000 bullets. And a burrito.

I'll have 40 AK-47's and 10,000 bullets. And a burrito.

Another week (or more accurately another day) and another mass shooting in America.

In the tragic, senseless murders last week in California, the killers had more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition on them.  6,000!!!  Who could possibly need that many bullets for personal use?

I've heard Chris Rock's joke that if bullets cost $1,000 each we would solve our gun problems.  That's not going to happen of course, but it would be nice.

The problem with our existing gun laws in the United States is that in most places, these killers could have walked down the streets armed with their high powered guns and thousands of bullets and until they started shooting or threatening to shoot, they wouldn't have been committing a crime.  They could walk in to a Chipotle and smile pretty for the camera.  It's not until a crime is committed that we can know they are actually bad guys.  Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt.  And that is wrong.  There is too much at risk when we are wrong. Check out these two with their big penises.  I mean guns.

We saw this in action in Texas after the Paris shootings as many 'Mericans stood outside mosques with guns just to show them who's boss.  Now imagine the situation is reversed and on Christmas Day you go to church at outside your place of worship are 100 Muslims, armed with AK-47's or whatever their weapon of choice is.  Some of them have hundreds of bullets draped over their shoulders.  They are chanting "Death to America" or "Jesus Christ sucks balls" or "Go Packers".

If you call the police on them in that situation, under our current laws they aren't committing a crime no matter how heinous their chants may be.  Same would be true outside of most malls, ball parks and concert halls.  You could sense that a Paris style attack is about to happen, but until they start shooting they are just gun loving citizens exercising their rights.

Some gun lovers think this would be great because that would cause every "good guy" to arm themselves and carry a gun at all times.  Surely that would make us safer they will tell you.  The premise is ridiculous.  We have so many gun killings because guns are so easy to get and use.  There haven't been more Paris style attacks in Paris because guns are so hard to get.

More mass killings is where it's all heading though because our spineless leaders can't/won't do anything about the problem we have.  There are more mass shootings this year in our country than days on the calendar.  Still nothing is done.  They can't even agree to make those on the terrorist watch list have to jump through some hoops before they can get a gun.

The boogey man says that if we take away guns and ammo, it will lead to criminals running rough shod over all the good people (e.g. the white people in the burbs and Lincoln Park). While Australia proved that this isn't true when they had the guts to make sensible gun laws, nobody in the States is saying that people shouldn't be able to have a gun to protect their home or hunt with.

But if you can come up with a credible argument that says any person should be able to have whatever high powered gun they want and as much ammo as they want, I'm all ears.   Don't tell me it's your God given right.  God doesn't give a shit about guns.  Don't tell me it's in case we have to arm ourselves against the Government. What planet do you live on?  That's not going to happen either.  If a hand gun or and 30 bullets, which you need to keep in your home, isn't enough to make you feel safe, you have issues that a gun can't protect. Will this eliminate killings?  No.  But the reasonable goal is to try to reduce killings and the potential for mass carnage while respecting the rights of those who want to arm themselves for self defense or legitimately use guns for sport. Beyond that, it shouldn't be harder to get an abortion or driver's license than it is to get a gun.  We keep a registry of every car in the country.  Why can't we require every gun to be registered?  The government doesn't come to take your cars, but somehow people fear a registry will make them take your guns.  And why can average citizens buy body armor?  It's not going to protect you from a deer when you are hunting?  Our laws make literally no sense.

If we do have clear cut, universal gun laws in the country, it's then time to enact the argument from gun lovers that I agree with.  Let's start aggressively enforcing the laws already on the books too.  If we make it illegal for a felon to possess a weapon, they should be in jail.  If we set limits on the type of guns you can own or the amount of ammo you can have, you should end up in jail for that too.

And no matter what your argument is, make sure you respond by verifying that you don't care what the race, religion, nationality or beliefs are of someone, that you are fine with them walking down the street with whatever weaponry they want too.  Because if you aren't OK with a Muslim standing outside Daley Plaza with any gun they want, you shouldn't be fine with any citizen having any gun they want.

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