If You Are Jewish And Against Syrian Refugees, You Are A Hypocrite

If You Are Jewish And Against Syrian Refugees, You Are A Hypocrite

First things first, I'm Jewish.

In World War II, when many Jews tried to flea Germany, Poland and other places where they were being persecuted, they were turned away, essentially told to go back where they came from.  Of course this didn't happen to everyone, but it happened to millions who otherwise would not have died.  They were lead back to slaughter.  It was wrong and justified at the time because many were thought to be poor, undesirable and a likely burden.

Well here we are again.  Yes it's possible that some bad guys are fleeing Syria disguised as refugees.  But what isn't possible, but is a fact is that 99.99% of everyone else fleeing are doing so because if they stay they will either be killed or forced to fight with ISIS.  So we are showing that we learned nothing from the atrocity of World War II, only this is worse because if they go back and choose to fight then they are strengthening the ISIS that we are trying to destroy.

For America, we aren't even taking on enough refugees to make a dent in the problem, but somehow even 10,000 is too many for the Governors who don't want them.  I find it really interesting that they govern on principles of Christianity only when it's convenient for them.  People will die if they are sent back.  Guaranteed.  Is helping them, after the best possible vetting, not the definition of what being pro-life is?

Oh, and for those who think that if having guns was legal the problem in France would have been stopped by good guys with guns, then shouldn't those "good guys" with guns be able to stop any bad guy out of the 10,000 that comes here?

It's easy to ignore bad things happening when we don't see them. But whether we can picture it or not, if we send refugees (not terrorists) back then we are accessories to murder.  And if you are Jewish, like me, no matter how many problems exist between our culture and Muslims, turning our back on them not only wastes an opportunity to repair the problem, it's beyond hypocritical.

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