Tony Stewart Getting Arrested Would Be A Joke

Tony Stewart Getting Arrested Would Be A Joke

I’m a huge sports fan, but I know nothing about NASCAR or other racing organizations other than they turn left a lot. I certainly don’t get the appeal of watching cars go around and around.  I went to one NASCAR event in Michigan years ago after a buddy got us free tickets that included admission in to an area where we could drink for free.  The free booze was certainly the highlight of the day.  I couldn’t tell you who the best drivers are, what the biggest races are other than the Indy 500 and Daytona 500 (yes, I do know that Indy isn’t NASCAR) and I don’t care what the biggest races.  All I know is that I hate when I’m looking for a football game or Sports Center and instead see racing.  Most of my info on the sport comes from Talladega Nights.  Thank you baby Jesus for all of that knowledge.

My ignorance makes me the perfect person to offer an opinion on Tony Stewart and the death of Kevin Ward Jr.  Ward was killed on the track Saturday when his car crashed and he left his vehicle to confront Stewart who along with many other drivers was still moving at a high speed.  Apparently Stewart caused Ward to crash and Ward wanted to have some words about it.

The best thing a lawyer can do for a client is to take the emotion out of a situation.  I’m sure there are race fans that hate Tony Stewart and did so before this tragedy, so they think that he should go to jail.  Published reports state that prosecutors and the local sheriff are keeping all of their options open, including the possibility of charging Stewart with a crime.  The article I read indicates that he’s gotten in to fights with other drivers and has caused other crashes.

And to all of that I say so what???

Taking the emotion out of this, it’s clear that Ward is still living today if he would have stayed in his car.  He didn’t go to confront another driver; he went in to traffic to confront another driver.  Can you imagine if you were driving down Lake Shore Drive and someone ran in front of your car?  Is that your fault or their fault if you hit them?

The proper thing to do would have been to chill.  But if Ward wanted a fight, he should have done that in the pit area, locker room or wherever he could find Stewart and not have to worry about being hit by a car.

The lack of common sense by anyone that is outraged by this is stunning to me.  What good could come out of him walking on to a racetrack as cars are speeding by?  I feel terrible for his family, but he took a huge risk and it ended terribly for him.

But to hold Tony Stewart responsible criminally would be a joke and a miscarriage of justice.  And I know this because I have no involvement emotionally in racing and could care less about this so called sport.  That makes me objective.  Now if this was LeBron crashing in to Derrick Rose, my objectivity would go out the window.

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