“Frozen” will help you determine if you have a lawsuit

Even with two boys I’ve seen the movie “Frozen” more than once.  Not as much as my nieces have who like most American girls appear to have the movie playing on a continuous loop, but I know the story.

In the above clip, Kristoff says to Anna “You almost set me on fire!” and she says, “But I didn’t.”  In other words, no harm, no foul.

The same principle holds true when determining if you have a valid personal injury lawsuit or not.

Just about every day I get a call from someone who tells me something along the lines of “I went to the hospital with stomach pain.  They discharged me and told me it was just gas.  Later that night my pain got worse and I went to a different hospital.  They ended up doing emergency surgery as my appendix was about to burst.  They said if I waited much longer I would have died.”

But you didn’t.

And just like Kristoff, because you didn’t die or get seriously hurt, there’s no case to be had.

Injury lawsuits in Illinois and elsewhere are not about what could have happened, they are about what did actually happen.  And the good news for Kristoff is that he wasn’t set on fire.  The good news for many of my callers is that they weren’t seriously hurt.  Did they suffer for a bit? Yes, but that’s not enough to qualify for a lawsuit.

In a similar vein, if you are crossing the street in the crosswalk and a drunk driver hits you, if you scrape your knee, you don’t have a case.  That doesn’t excuse their awful behavior, but you can’t sue someone just because they are an idiot.  On the flipside, if they shattered your leg you’d have a great case.

So think of “Frozen” in making an objective decision as to whether or not you have a valid case.  If you have kids the movie is probably on in your house or car anyway so thinking of it shouldn’t be too hard.

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