Who are the people making death threats?

Who are the people making death threats?

Last week, a school in California had their students debate whether the holocaust really happened or not.  It was allegedly a lesson in critical thinking that was so poorly thought out that there is no defending the idea of this task. Parents rightly protested as did the Anti Defamation League.  The assignment was scrapped and the school hopefully learned a lesson.  Then they received death threats.

When the Bulls were playing the Wizards in the playoffs last month, Washington center Marcin Gortat reported that the team was being threatened that their plane would have a bomb on it and that they’d all die.  It’s not clear the motivation behind the genius for that one.

A Maryland gun dealer wanted to sell “smart guns” which apparently only allow the owner to shoot them.  Seems like a potentially safe way to keep a gun around the house.  Of course he too received death threats for willing to “trample” on the 2nd Amendment rights of others.

Boxer Timothy Bradley got death threats after he defeated Philippine hero and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

I’ve talked to over 300,000 people in the last 13+ years of running findgreatlawyers.com.  I’d estimate I’ve received more than 20 death threats, mostly people who are acting tough over the phone, but clearly have no intention to do anything.  These were people who could not accept that I would not be able to help them.  There were two times though when I’ve called 911 because a threat seemed potentially serious.

Making a death threat is a felony.  I’ve never made a death threat to anyone, at least not as an adult.  I’d be too worried about getting arrested, plus I don’t get that caught up in things. Apparently it’s an easy crime to commit though as you rarely read about someone getting arrested for it and I can’t recall one time that someone sought out my help after being arrested for it.

I’d bet that just like the calls to my office, 98% of these threats are made my internet tough guys that have no harmful intentions.  It reminds me of this great Jimmy Kimmel skit where Yankees fans act tough in booing ex 2nd baseman Robinson Cano until he is right in front of them.

But some of these threats are legit or least would be if the criminal could get access to their target.  Who would do that?  How can things like who’s going to win a basketball game affect your life so much that you’d wish death upon the players?

This is road rage run amok.  I’ve been cut off in traffic and pissed about it, but instead of following the person to their home and beating them up, I keep driving as do most people.

I don’t think the police want to be bothered by death threats, unless it’s an open and shut situation.  That’s probably why people don’t get arrested.  They also likely don’t take most of the threats seriously so they move on to other things.  But if you threatened the Mayor or President or the owner of the Cubs or anyone else, you can bet they’d take it seriously.   Still though, I don’t know how anyone can be driven to make that phone call or post on social media that they want someone dead.  This is the lowest form of who you can be and even if that’s really you, it still makes no sense to me.

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