LinkedIn, You Are Creepy And I’m Quitting You

LinkedIn, You Are Creepy And I’m Quitting You

I got on LinkedIn a few years ago for three reasons:

  1. I was told that it’s a good idea for businesses.
  2. I was getting a bunch of “add me to your network” e-mails.
  3. Partners of mine were doing it and suggested that I do too.

 Since then I have done almost nothing with it other than read the weekly updates on what people are doing. That is interesting to me.  If there have been any updates published on my account, it was done by my marketing assistant.  I laugh when I see various people endorsed for certain skills because I don’t know anyone can take that seriously, especially when they are giving the endorsement right back.

 I do see that this site could have some value to people who are looking for a job.  If my business goes belly up then perhaps I’d want to be on this site again.  But for the most part the site seems like a big waste of time.  I haven’t put much time in to it so it was all fine with me.

 But I’m shutting my account down because now I think it’s just creepy.  Specifically, I don’t like that they tell you who has been looking at your account (you can get even more of this information if you pay them some money).  If I ever did look on someone’s profile, it was out of curiosity.  For example, I saw a guy I went to high school with on there recently. I have no desire to talk to him and I’m sure he feels the same way.  But seeing his name made me wonder what he was doing with himself.

 Low and behold, the next time I logged in to accept an invitation, I saw that this guy had viewed my profile.  Surely he saw that I had viewed his.  I don’t want him to know that or anyone else out there.  And why would you want others to know either?  What if you are looking in to another company, but don’t want anyone to know that you might be leaving your current company?  Do you want some girl/guy you used to date to know that you saw their profile and clicked on it?  Or your old boss that you left on bad terms with?  Or anyone that you don’t want to connect with, but want to see what they are doing?

 I just think it’s creepy and weird and it has caused me not to click on certain profiles.

 The solution is to create a fake account which I’m not going to do or not be on there at all.  Since I’m pretty much not on there already, I think I can survive without the weekly e-mail updates.

 Now if I can only just figure out how to delete this thing …

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