If this is your lawyer, they may not be for long

If this is your lawyer, they may not be for long

There is no law that says a lawyer can’t leave a job or run for Judge.  But if they are going to move on, I think that they have a duty to their clients to let them know of their plans, especially if they are at a smaller firm and won’t have someone familiar with their casework to hand your file off to.

So I wonder if the following lawyers have shared their hopes with their clients that they want to be a Judge.  It’s the right thing to do even if it will cost them some business.  If they don’t, they are only looking out for themselves which means that they probably aren’t fit for the bench anyway.

This list was published Friday in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:

Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans released the names today of 26 finalists for 13 open associate judge seats in Cook County Circuit Court.
They are:

  • Circuit Judges Gregory Emmett Ahern Jr. and Michael F. Otto
  • Sole practitioners Julie B. Aimen and Adrienne D. Mebane
  • First Assistant State’s Attorney Shauna L. Boliker Andrews
  • Karen J. Bowes, owner of Bowes Law
  • Matthew J. Carmody, owner of Matthew J. Carmody Ltd. in Chicago Ridge
  • James R. Carroll, principal at Much, Shelist P.C.
  • Assistant State’s Attorneys Geraldine A. D’Souza, Aleksandra Gillespie, Sanju D. Oommen and Steven Jay Rosenblum
  • Melissa A. Durkin, chief attorney for the torts office of the general counsel for the Chicago Transit Authority
  • Tiffany M. Ferguson, a partner at Pugh, Jones & Johnson P.C.
  • Rossana P. Fernandez, owner of Rossana P. Fernandez & Associates LLC
  • Michael A. Forti, chief counsel for the Illinois Department of Transportation
  • Michael James Hood, chief of investigations and intelligence for the Illinois Department of Corrections
  • Kevin T. Lee, a partner at Greene and Letts
  • Myron F. Mackoff, a partner at Richardson & Mackoff
  • Assistant Public Defender Alfredo Maldonado
  • Mary T. Nicolau, a partner at Smith, Nicolau P.C.
  • Linda J. Pauel, senior counsel for the city of Chicago Law Department
  • Edward N. Robles, assistant general counsel for the Chicago Housing Authority
  • Devlin J. Schoop, partner at Laner, Muchin Ltd.
  • Assistant Public Defender Debra A. Seaton Chinaka, a supervisor in that office

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