Your an idiot

Your an idiot

Last month, I wrote a blog post whose title was Star Wars will make your kids turn gay.  I wrote it in response and in satire of an article I read wherein some right wingers were accusing Disney of producing the movie Frozen in order to influence our youth as to some gay agenda.  They also claimed it had loose morals and suggestions of bestiality because the lead male in this cartoon had too close of a relationship with his reindeer.  I thought both points were ludicrous.

I saw Frozen.  To me it was no different than any other kids movie that I’ve ever seen.  In my mind that lead to the conclusion that if you think Frozen will influence your kids to turn gay then every kid movie will. I thought back to the favorite movie of my childhood, Star Wars and realized that you could make the same ridiculous statement about that movie.

What followed was a blog post that was done to mock these “theologists” and entertain me.  I wrote it in a way that to me seemed so out there that nobody could have taken it as anything other than a joke.  For example, I gave pickup lines that you could use based on the movie if you were gay.  I said that the Lion King must be a gay influencer simply because Nathan Lane is in it. I insinuated that Jabba the Hutt is a transvestite.  I called light sabers a gateway drug to homosexuality.

And just in case it wasn’t clear to anyone that this was all in jest, I finished with a video of Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno, hilariously interviewing an alleged gay conversion therapist.

Well apparently the joke is on me because 80% of the people who looked at the post assumed I was serious.  In a way I loved it because it made me laugh, especially when someone said to me “Your an idiot.”  I’m no grammar cop, but seeing that always amuses me.  The others that told me that I should kill myself, not procreate or attempted to explain to me why light sabers were used in the movie were also a source of amusement.

But I was also a little shocked at how few people seemed to actually read the whole thing.  Or how many others thought it might be sarcasm, but if it’s not that I should die a slow, painful death.  Only John Wright bothered to look at some of my previous blog posts to see that I’m a huge supporter of gay rights and thus draw the conclusion that this new post was said in jest to mock anyone who thinks that there is some sort of gay agenda to target kids.

Now maybe I am an idiot for not realizing that my post wouldn’t be understood by so many – although it did have over 1,700 likes so perhaps people did get it or there are just a lot of homophobes out there.  Undoubtedly I’m a bad writer.  But I was still stunned at how many people didn’t get the joke.

The only conclusion I can unscientifically draw is that a lot of people didn’t read much beyond the headline, especially if it was shared with them on Facebook or Twitter.  People don’t want to learn facts any more, they want quick information and then draw a conclusion.  It must be a wonderful time to be a bookmaker in Vegas with the reactionary society that we’ve turned in to.  It wouldn’t surprise me to have someone criticize me in the comments of this post that I spelled “you’re” wrong in the title.

I don’t write today’s post to clarify that what I wrote last week.  If you aren’t smart enough to get the joke that’s your problem, not mine.  I don’t have a ton of close gay friends or family members, but the ones I do have know where I stand too.

I wrote today’s post because the response to my writing reminded me how people feel about the legal system.  You hear that someone got money for spilled coffee and conclude that our court system is a shambles.  You see that someone claims to be suing for $50 million and determine that we need damage caps.  You just know that only lawyers get something out of class action lawsuits or have decided that the only reason that you can’t win your case is because everyone has been paid off.  And you are just certain that workers’ compensation claims are driving businesses out of Illinois.

But if you take the time to actually investigate something and educate yourself before broadcasting a conclusion to the world, there’s a great chance that you will think differently.  It’s sad that this is how we live our lives.  Every anti-attorney, anti-lawsuit person I’ve ever known has changed their tune once they found themselves in a situation where they truly need legal help and have gotten an understanding about how the system really works.

It’s amazing what can happen to your brain when you take time to learn the facts and all of the sides to a story.  And if you don’t do that, your an idiot.

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