Why don’t more drug dealers get arrested when their product kills?

Why don’t more drug dealers get arrested when their product kills?






I’m actually pro legalization of drugs.  Certainly for marijuana and I could be talked in to it for most other drugs too.  I have a friend who is a border patrol officer and he estimates that 90% of his time is spent chasing people that are smuggling in marijuana to the United States.

I am curious to see studies on drug related crime in Colorado and Washington now that recreational usage there of marijuana is mostly legal.  Gangs, mobsters and others who cause huge problems in our society could still commit crime if drugs were legal, but cutting off a major source of their funding.  People are going to use drugs and get them if they want them. We should make them safer and tax the you know what out of them.

But until they are legal, laws should be enforced.  So it was pleasing to me to hear that three of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s suppliers got arrested.  If you give someone illegal drugs and they OD, you should get arrested too in my opinion.  It should be part of your risk of doing business.  I find it no different than arresting someone who owns a gun, but lets someone else use it as part of a crime.

Sadly, these types of arrests don’t happen very often.  But why?  If I was making and selling cookies without a license and my cookies lead to people dying, I’d surely get busted.  But if it’s drugs we just look away.

It’s probably the same reason why the police didn’t do anything when my apartment in the City got broken in to or for when it’s happened to anyone else I know.  If it’s not high profile, they don’t really care.

There also likely is the element that they blame the dead person.

But these laws exist on our books.  Why aren’t they enforced heavily?  A ton of people died on the east coast recently due do the same bad heroin batch.  That’s murder.  Don’t tell me that the dealers responsible for it can’t be found.

This would all be easier if many common street drugs were made legal.  The United States is the #1 drug using country in the world.  We are actually number one in something other than defense spending!  We spend around 65 billion dollars a year on illegal drugs.  It’s such a lost business opportunity.  Sure it would lead to poorer high school kid dealers, but I think they’ll make due.

In the meantime though, let’s not just arrest the dealers to the rich and famous.

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