The true cost of a DUI

The true cost of a DUI

The main reasons most people fear getting a DUI are the embarrassment, having a DUI on their permanent record and not being able to drive, especially if they have to drive in order to work. And of course there is the possibility of going to jail.  That said, many people don’t consider the entire financial cost, which can be steep, as they come to realize later on.

Estimates put the true cost of a DUI upwards of $20,000. How can it be that much? Well, fines and court costs are typical, as are attorney fees. You might need to pay for alcohol education classes, as well. Your car may have been towed and impounded when you were arrested. Your license was likely suspended by the secretary of state. A reinstatement is possible, but there are fees associated with that. If you get an ignition interlock device, which allows you to drive after using a breathalyzer that’s connected to your vehicle, that will cost you. Your car insurance can go up significantly, costing you thousands over the next several years.

In addition to the things listed above, there are the secondary costs associated with getting a DUI and losing your license. For example, you might not be able to work right away, or you might lose your job. You might have to miss a lot of work for court, classes or community service. If you hold a professional license, it could be revoked after a DUI. Loss of income is a significant part of the true cost of a DUI. Even a case that ends in court supervision counts as a conviction in Illinois and will be on your record permanently. In Illinois, you can’t seal or expunge a DUI from your record. Future employers will be able to see this on a background check.  If you want to hold a commercial driver’s license you can pretty much forget about that ever happening.

Of course if you play in the NFL this doesn’t apply to you because over there getting a DUI is no big deal.  As long as you aren’t gay.

But for people in the real world, getting a DUI can have a real cost.  You might not go to jail, but financially it can be very expensive.  And hopefully for young Mr. Bieber his DUI costs him the chance to live in the USA.

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